1$ Ebooks from Orbit

This from Orbit:

Orbit – in partnership with a number of major ebook vendors – has launched an innovative promotion offering one ebook for sale each month at the introductory price of $1.00. At the end of the promotional month the cost of the ebook returns to its standard price and a new book will be offered at the discount. Details of the promotion are at http://www.onedollarorbit.com/

The promotion will include The Way of Shadows by debut author Brent Weeks, Empress by Karen Miller, as well as classics of science fiction such as Use of Weapons by Iain M. Banks.

VP and Publisher of Orbit Tim Holman said: “We believe that this promotion will give readers a great opportunity to discover new writers. Most of our consumer marketing has an online focus, and the digital marketplace offers the perfect platform for price-promotion initiatives such as this. It will be very exciting to see how effective it is. The range of titles chosen for the promotion includes a mix of frontlist and backlist, from both new and established authors, and we will be monitoring the performance of every title very closely.”

Click on the link for more info. The 1$ Ebook for April is Brian Ruckley's Winterbirth.

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Unknown said...

Anyone have a digital ink eBook reader? Do you like it? I've been considering buying one but don't know which one to get. I would prefer to avoid DRM otherwise I would probably get a Kindle.

Anonymous said...

I am reading ebooks for years on verious devices. I began with Palm machines and moved on to Pocket PCs. Currently I read on an iPod Touch and it has the best screen of all my machines.

I considered Sony Reader and Kindle, but they are too big for me and they dont offer backlight...

Tom from Slovakia

Horia Nicola Ursu said...

i've had an ebookwise1150 for the last three years and, for the price it's selling (around 140 $), it's a real deal.