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The world is only as deep as we can see. This is why fools think themselves profound. This is why terror is the passion of revelation.

- R. SCOTT BAKKER, The Judging Eye (Canada, USA, Europe)

By the way, you can now read the first chapter here.

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Fuzz said...

Is it really necessary to have a clear idea of what went on the first three books to be able to read the Judging Eye? I'm completely enamored with the way Bakker writes (although I must admit I ended up losing patience with the first trilogy) but I don't think I can pluck up the courage to re-read the first three volume!

Anonymous said...

There's a "What Came Before" section in the appendix, describing briefly the major events of the Prince of Nothing trilogy (in about 6-8 pages).

Anonymous said...

I would say not Fuzz, obviously some of the nuances may be lost but I'd rather that than re-read 3 books!

I'm with you on the first trilogy, I think the inwardness of the final book was quite tedious. The good news is that the Judging Eye whilst still retaining the first series character is a much more enjoyable read.

MatsVS said...
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MatsVS said...

Small snippets of philosphical ponderings steeped in a graceful and clever linguistic flair is part of the reason I now rank Bakker amongst other favourites, such as Cormac McCarthy, Dan Simmons and Ernest Hemingway. Wonderful, wonderful writer.

EDIT: Bah, no idea how that happened. Sorry for the clutter.