Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman contest winners!

Our winners will have the opportunity to see for themselves whether or not this is the non- Dragonlance series that will put Weis and Hickman back on the map. They will each receive a complimentary copy of Bones of the Dragon (Canada, USA, Europe), courtesy of the folks at Tor Books.

The winners are:

- Jay Franco, from Astoria, New York, USA

- Jackie Morgan, from Madison Heights, Michigan, USA

- Kevin Pearson, from Rockford, Illinois, USA (KevinPearson on

Thanks to all the participants!

2 commentaires:

KP said...

Thank you and Tor very much. I nearly purchased this yesterday - glad I held off. My 11-year old son will probably grab this as soon as it arrives as he has just finished the last Weis/Hickman Dragonlance book and is looking for more.
Thanks again, Pat

Jayf said...

Hey Pat (& Tor),

Thank you very much as well. I just rec'd the copy today and will rifle through it and try to post a review on my bookrastination blog. Thanks again ~ Jay