My Montreal: Where to stay???

Most of you are aware that the Worldcon will be held in Montreal this year. As a matter of fact, the 67th World Science Fiction Convention, known as Anticipation in 2009, will take place in "la belle province," in MTL, from August 6th to August 10th. If you want to learn more about the con, check out

Attending membership is 240$CAD (141,66 euros/197.50$US/136£). Yes, for many of you that's quite expensive for a weekend. And yet, I'm persuaded that a bunch of you could afford to attend, but it's the price of the accomodation that would force you to break the bank.

No worries, my friends, for Montreal offers a panoply of options for budget travelers! Moreover, Montreal is on the North American backpackers' trail, which means that there is a variety of ways for you to save some money and have a blast! This city has bent over backward to attract European and American tourists for over 30 years now. And when you compete with cities such as New York, Paris, London, Boston, yada yada yada, you need to offer great value to get people to travel here. With its myriad festivals, great nightlife, wonderful restaurants, endless shopping opportunities, and more, it's well nigh impossible not to have fun in MTL in the summer. And if you don't, you might want to check your pulse, because chances are that you're dead!

As I mentioned last summer these "My Montreal" posts are in shape or form associated with the Worldcon committee. I'm just turning myself into some sort of Montreal ambassador, and my only wish is for you to enjoy your stay on my home turf. I have no control over how much fun you'll have at the convention, but I can certainly help you make the most of your stay.

So let's begin with accomodations. The Worldcon's head quarters will be situated at the Delta Centre-Ville hotel, with rooms starting at 159$CAD (94 euros/131,20$US/90,50£). Though a very nice place to stay at, I'm conscious of the fact that it's not for every wallet. Hence, here are a few options for you to consider:


- HI-Montreal: This hostel is the biggest in the city, and it's also probably the best value considering the perks (A/C, WiFi, Guest kitchen, etc). Dorm beds are 31,15SCAD (18,46 euros/25,74$US/17,73£), and private rooms are 80$CAD (47,40 euros/66,09$US/45,52£). This hostel offers a super friendly environment where you'll meet other travelers from the four corners of the globe. You can learn more about it by visiting

- Auberge Alternative du Vieux-Montréal: This is a more mellow and bohemian option smackdown in the middle of Old Montreal. This hostel has been built in a restored 1875 warehouse. Quirky and hip, this hostel is quite popular among the international backpackers' crowd. Dorm beds will set you back 23$CAD (13,65 euros/19,01$US/13,10£), while a private room is 60$CAD (35,60 euros/49,60$US/34,22£). To learn more about this place, visit

- Le Jazz St-Denis: The Jazz hostels are becoming more and more popular. They have establishments in New York City and Miami (I stayed at Jazz on the Park two years in a row while visiting NYC), and they just opened a new Jazz in MTL. Cool vibe with no frills right in the middle of the Latin Quarter, this is another good bargain. A bunk in the 10-bed or 12-bed dorms is 23$CAD (13,65 euros/19,01$US/13,10£). For more info, check out

For more hostel options, please check out

Student Residences

- Résidences universitaires de l'UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal) offers what is probably the best value for couples or small groups. You get a private room with a double bed, while sharing the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Private rooms range from 46$CAD to 67$CAD (27,41 euros/38,11$US/26,34£ to 39,91 euros/55,50$US/38,37£), and you can get a suite for 95$CAD (56,60 euros/78,69$US/54,40£). For more info, visit

- McGill Student Residences (McGill University): Offers basically the same as the UQAM residences, but in older buildings. For more info, visit

Budget Hotels

- Travelodge Montreal: Very good price/quality ratio, with rooms ranging from 109$CAD to 139$CAD ( 64, 89 euros/90,22$US/62,34£ to 82,75 euros/115,06$US/79,55£). For more info, check out

- Econo Lodge Downtown: Not far from the Chinatown, this is another budget option. Rooms are 105$ ( 62,65 euros/86,88$US/60,12£). For more info, visit

Bed and Breakfast

- Angelica Blue: Said to be one of the best B&Bs in the city, you get 4-star service for 75$CAD to 135$CAD (44,75 euro/62,04$US/42,92£ to 80,54 euros/111,65$US/77,23£). For more info, check out

- Jade Blue: Sister site to Angelica Blue, this B&B offers the same rates. For more info, visit

- Petite Auberge Les Bons Matins B&B: This is another one that's been receiving rave reviews, with 4-star service for 119$CAD to 159SCAD (70,91 euros/98,37$US/68,05£ to 94,77 euros/131,48$US/90,95£). For more info, check out

Luxury Hotels

For those primadonnas who want to live it up in Montreal, here are three selections:

- W Montreal: Part of the W Hotel chain, this one is cool and hip. You might glimpse a few celebrities shooting a movie in the city partying at the bar at night! Rooms star at 205$CAD (121,94 euros/169,51$US/117,25£) For more info, check out

- Le St-James: A member of the Leading Small Hotels of the World exclusive club, a room here starts at about 450$CAD (267,76 euros/371,75$US/256,91£). On the upside, you might bump into Angelina Jolie! For more info, check out

- Hôtel Nelligan: One of the city's finest establishment, rooms here start at 235$CAD (140 euros/194,12$US/134,22£). For more info, check out

For more info and special offers, be sure to visit and

As you can see, you can stay in Montreal without breaking the bank! So why just come for the Worldcon. Hell, spend a whole week in MTL, then get your ass to Québec City for a couple of days! You'll have fun, I promise!!!;-)

6 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Pat, it would be very helpful if you could append an approximation of the distance/time taken to reach the Worldcon venue from each of the places you've mentioned... TIA!

Patrick said...

Each place was selected because it is either within walking distance of the Palais des Congrès, or else a short subway ride away.

Jeanie Ryan said...

Thanks for giving us this. Hubby and I will be staying longer and turning it into a second honeymoon of sorts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting! I love staying at B&Bs. Do you know if all that you listed are in walking distance?

Patrick said...

Yes, all three B&Bs are within walking distance of the Palais des Congrès.

Anonymous said...

I will just point out that one dorm bed at 30$ or so is not much less expensive than a room at the Delta costing 159$ shared by four people, paying 40$ each.

Also UQAM residences are part of the Anticipation official hotel block