C. S. Friedman contest winners!

Our five winners will get their hands on copies of C. S. Friedman's upcoming Wings of Wrath (Canada, USA, Europe), as well as the first volume in The Magister trilogy, Feast of Souls (Canada, USA, Europe), if they have yet to read it. All of this courtesy of the nice folks at Daw Books!

The winners are:

- Jeremy Walker, from Midland, Ontario, Canada

- Christian Cole, from Allen, Texas, USA (Vega1 on hallofworlds.net)

- Valerie McClintock, from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

- Jennifer Kingsbury, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Guinevere Seaworth on asoiaf.westeros.org)

- Elizabeth Strangways, from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Thanks to all the participants!;-)

6 commentaires:

Anonymous said...


Thanks Pat and keep up this fantastic blog!
I admit not having read anything by C.S. Friedman, and now that will be no longer the case!


Jebus said...

Hey hey! Betty won!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Pat. Much appreciated! I also have not read any Friedman. I look forward to it.


Anonymous said...

That was me above... Christian Cole

:-/ sorry

Thanks again for the chance.


Can I say I'm thrilled? Of course I can. I'm thrilled!

Thanks Pat. I am really looking forward to reading this book. This series has me hooked and stacks up with my fav. Freidman book...In Conquest Born

Thanks Jebus. You introduced me to this blog so thumbs up to you too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great. Looking forward to getting into the books. Thank you!

Haven't read any Friedman yet, but this will be a great reason to start.

Jeremy Walker