The best show you'll ever see!

Ka promo from cirque du soleil
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Since some of you have shown interest in Kà, what is in all likelihood the best Cirque du Soleil production ever, here are two teaser trailers I found while looking for videos to show my friends and family.

As the commercial says: "You can see it. You can experience it. But you won't believe it!"

If these two short clips don't make you want to see Kà, you are made of harder stuff than I!:p I'd see it again a few times, my bank account be damned!

6 commentaires:

charley said...

Pat: I think O is, and will be the best Cirque show

Cecrow said...

Cirque du Soleil is fantastique! This one looks very fantasy-esque.

Patrick said...

Charles: O was fantastic, no question. But Kà was even better!

Jebus said...

Never seen one and they don't really appeal to me. I guess if I ever did go to one I'd probably like it but it's not something I'm gonna go out of my way to check.

Bill said...

my wife and I saw Ka a few years ago. We liked it but it wasn't as good, to us, as La Nouba (which we saw in Orlando).

We will be seeing "O" and I'm anxious to see how it stacks up.

Chris M said...

That looks awesome. :)