Brandon Sanderson video interview

The author discusses his new stand-alone novel, Warbreaker (Canada, USA, Europe), as well as other projects.

Check it out!

4 commentaires:

Dave said...

cool i wna find out more about this way of kings series. I don't know how hes guna manage to write WOT books and this new epic fantasy series without leaving us waiting a long time for both.

TheDude said...

I liked his enthusiasm at the end.

You can clearly see that the way of kings is a labour of love for him.

And yeah, I also can't imagine how he's going to have time for all these projects

Asshat said...

The dude is a workhorse and writes extremely fast. I'd say he tops even Erikson when it comes to writing speed.

I've been pumped for Way of Kings for a long time. Sanderson is already one of my favorite authors and I can't wait to read his magnum opus.

Cecrow said...

In his shoes I'd be proud enough of the Mistborn trilogy, hard to believe that was just the warm-up for an even greater project. And it seems like he can write as easily and often as he breathes.