Speculative Horizons: Update

I've been receiving a lot of messages from people wanting to know what's happening with Speculative Horizons, the anthology I'm putting together and editing for Subterranean Press. The lack of updates was not due to the fact that we want to keep everything secret. It's just that there wasn't much to report since L. E. Modesitt, jr. turned in his Recluce short story "The Stranger."

Brian Ruckley turned in his piece titled "Flint" a little while ago. The author wanted to write something completely different from the dark and uncompromising trilogy of The Godless World, and this tale of shamans is exactly that. The editorial notes were sent to him, and Ruckley should get me the revised version in the near future.

Just received Tobias S. Buckell's "The Eve of the Fall of Habesh." I want to read it a few times before getting back to him with my thoughts.

C. S. Friedman's dark fantasy/vampirical short story is due to be turned in next week, and I'm really curious about that one.

So if all goes well, all the authors will have met the June 30th deadline, and the folks at Subterranean Press will be able to get this anthology into the production stage later this summer. As for me, it's been a pretty cool experience thus far.:-)

Many of you have been asking about the cover art. Bill wanted to wait till we got all the stories before deciding on a scene/theme for the cover. And I'm still gunning for Michael Komarck to be the cover artist, if we can get him. As things stand, unless something really special comes along and if I have any say in the matter, the cover art would have to be about Hal Duncan's "The Death of a Love," which is truly fucked up!

Stay tuned for more. . .

3 commentaires:

isis said...

I'm so envious! When you say editing - are the the one editing the individual submitted stories, or do you refer to editing of the whole volume overall?

isis said...

Hmmm. I decided to substitute 'the' for 'you' there. It's been a long day.

Patrick said...

Well, I go through each short story, keeping an eye out for things that don't quite work, etc. Thankfully, I have the privilege of working with talented authors who make my job rather easy.