Chuck Norris is back!

Terry Goodkind, the Chuck Norris of fantasy, of course!:P The photo is a courtesy of Forevelad on Westeros. . . This is all ethically incorrect and it bogs down this blog with my eccentricities, but I couldn't resists. . .;-)

Though it's been killing me, I've resisted the urge to post something about the Yeard ever since his new so-called thriller has been announced. But with both Adam and James writing pieces on the subject, and with the first review of TG's newest being released by PW, I finally caved in!

Goodkind's latest is a supposed thriller that isn't fantasy, which ends up being fantasy. The title is The Law of Nines (Canada, USA, Europe), and here's what Publishers Weekly had to say about it:

Bestseller Goodkind (Confessor) ventures into thriller territory with results sure to please fans of his fantasy fiction. In the opening pages, Alex Rahl, the book’s unwitting hero, saves the beautiful Jax from being run down on the street in Orden, Neb., by a plumbing truck flying a pirate flag. Jax, who turns out to be from an alternate reality where evildoers are attempting to seize control of her civilization, has traveled to Nebraska to seek Alex’s help in saving her people. In Jax’s world, magic takes the place of technology, but on earth she’s stripped of her powers and forced to fight armed with only her trusty dagger. The author takes his time setting all this up, but once the story gets rolling, it’s a gripping ride as the bad guys whoosh in between their world, which remains unseen, and ours. Fantasy and thriller readers alike will find themselves swept along to the final confrontation and looking forward to the next installment.

For a man who dislikes fantasy to such a degree, it's interesting to see the author return to his fantasy world millennia in the future. . . I'm persuaded that, once again, this novel will explore a panoply of human themes and will be about the tirumph of the human spirit. Yeah right!

Speaking of Cuck Norris, were you aware that in an attempt to stop burglars from hitting their bakery in Split, Croatia, the owner placed a life-sized picture of the actor in the window!?! A sign says, "This shop is under the protection of Chuck Norris." Oddly enough, they haven't been robbed since! Click here for the full story!

10 commentaires:

Larry said...

This is why you have to pay attention to what the rest of us have been talking about, Pat! Although I think This might appeal to some as well ;)

Mike said...

You know you've gone viral when your own photoshop hackery makes it onto Pat's Fantasy Hotlist.

Pat, with Goodkind turning over a ahem new leaf, you should try to get in to his good graces for an interview! The Master Storyteller vs. The Master Lemming.

Larry Nolen said...

Wouldn't that just lead to a master debate?

C.B. said...

Honestly, until I went and checked on Amazon to read the story blurb I thought this post was a parody! Someone should tell Mr. Goodkind that Mr. King wants his 'It's all one story' schtick back or at least royalties.

Kat Hooper said...

I wonder if there are any Mord-Sith in TG's new thriller?

Unknown said...

What I still do not understand is... how on earth is he a bestseller author? I mean, I understand if this was from wizards first rule, when we did not really know about his "it's not fantasy" thing... but confessor? didn't people know better by then?

Rob Diana said...

I understand that you need to stick to what you know, but the one plot line got really annoying after the first few books.

Now you are telling me that he is using the same names too for a completely different book. Do we know if he really writes the books or does he just use some program that just inserts names into a template?

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

As someone else said, I really thought that that blurb was a joke. I was laughing out loud at it... only to realize it was real. It's so, so sad.

Arthur said...

Amazon Product Description: "A publishing event— #1 New York Times–bestselling author Terry Goodkind turns in a new direction and delivers a stunningly original thriller."

Its so ridiculous. This just proves that Goodkind is now a rubbish writer. "Wizard's First Rule" was an awesome book. But his recent books are a disgrace.