Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

As a fan of the animated series of the 80s and since I enjoyed the first one, I was really excited about this movie. Then the advance critics ripped it to shreds.

My expectations could not be lower when I entered the theatre yesterday. And still, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen sucked more than I thought it would. Michael Bay, what have you done??? This flick was crap, pure and simple. Take away the special effects and you're left with a movie with a plot so thin that porn features have more depth.

With Terminator: Salvation ending up being nothing to write home about, that's now two of this summer's mega-blockbusters going down the crapper. . .:-(

How can these guys fuck up two franchises so bad???

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Anonymous said...

You are soooo on the money with this one. Why bother having people in it at all.

My daughters Winnie the Pooh book, has more plot than this film.

Hasn't the guy heard of "Editing" the crap out of a film, ooops there would be no film left, just a series of special effects.

Film 1 was good, film 2 a massive pile of steaming doggie do.

James Barclay said...

Very easily done, Pat. Take a decent franchise. Remove respect for the film making process. Add contempt for your audience and a big pinch of complacency. Garnish with Bay or McG. Boil to a pointless sludge.

Allan said...




Anonymous said...

What was the other crapper?

Ed S. said...

LOL! Putting warm bodies in the seats is what it's all about. This movie is making piles of money so I guess the people behind this understood who their audience was and what they wanted far better than you. Plot? When you start asking questions like that it's a sign that your childhood is truly over.

Adam Whitehead said...

"What was the other crapper?"

Pat said it was Terminator: Salvation.

"Plot? When you start asking questions like that it's a sign that your childhood is truly over."

Except of course the fact that TRANSFORMERS in all of its many incarnations has mostly had pretty decent plots. Derivative and McGuffin-packed (Matrix/AllSpark/Key to Vector Sigma etc), perhaps, but at least reasonably coherent. The first (live action) film had a strong through-line around which the explosions and dodgy humour could be hung, but the new movie seems really confused about what it's characters are trying to do.

There's also the mind-numbingly offensive racism in the film, which I'm still shocked that Michael Bay thought was even vaguely acceptable in the 21st Century.

Blodeuedd said...

I actually thought it was the funniest movie I have seen in a while, I enjoyed it

MatsVS said...

"No, Transformers 2 is bad because it represents every single vile, puny thing that's wrong with the United States. It's ignorant, boorish, loud, and proud of it."
---Walkter Chaw

I'm seeing it next tuesday and I'm looking foward to shiny things.

Simeon said...

- Transformers 2 sucks so bad it's no even funny.

- Terminator Salvation was actually quite decent despite the anti-hype.

- Winnie the Pooh is actually one of the greatest and most deeply layered "children's books" ever written. Just thought I'd mention that...

Unknown said...

Hope no one is hoping to expect much from GI Joe. There is the trilogy of suck.

Anonymous said...

Terminator: Salvation was the worst movie I ever saw in a theatre; I was actually expecting a decent movie. The only thing unique about it was the Sam Worthington terminator. Christian Bale (and Sam) did well considering the writing, but the dialogue was just piss poor, as was the pacing. Top 20 worst movies I've ever seen.

I wasn't hugely impressed with the first Transformers. Some of the writing was a bit poor, too, and Optimus Prime's narration was unnecessary; the ending was pointless. But when I went to see the second Transforers I wasn't expecting anything because of the negative reviews. Seriously. Go back and watch the first one. There is no difference in overall quality between the two.

Where's the racism? Two annoying getto transformers? If it was racism, then the other individuals of different nationalities in the film would be treated in the exact same way, but they're not.

The Witchfinder quoted: "Transformers 2 is bad because it represents every single vile, puny thing that's wrong with the United States. It's ignorant, boorish, loud, and proud of it." This critque (and not Witchfinder; enjoy the movie. One tip: Read in to all the major plotpoints; yes, there is a plot, though the plot isn't the point of the movie) wouldn't say the same thing if these same people gave him more attention, agreed with him and said the same things. In fact, being an accurate representation of the media, he's a perfect example of why people are paying a lot less attention to them. These are the self-proclaimed "experts" and "intellectuals."

Overall, Transformers is all right. For entertainment value, it's worth five bucks.

I'm not expecting much from GI Joe either. Less, in fact. I'll still watch it.