2010 reading stats

Don't know how this started out, but following some Twitter thing SFF bloggers are encouraged to post their stats.

Books read in 2010: 27


- Pyr: 3
- Black Library: 1
- Grand Central Publishing: 3
- Tor Books: 3
- Del Rey: 2
- Vertigo/DC Comics: 1
- Subterranean Press: 1
- PS Publishing: 1
- Nightshade Books: 2
- Vintage: 2
- Maclehose Press: 1
- Corgi: 1
- Signet: 1
- Regnery Publishing: 1
- Harper: 1
- Viking: 1
- Lonely Planet Publications: 2

Gender distribution:

- Male authors: 21
- Female authors: 4
- Multiple authors: 2

Keeping in mind that most of these books are available on both sides of the pond, publishers like Gollancz, etc, would get a couple. . .

Yes, if you make the count, there are 6 books that I've read but which remain reviewless. I'll get to it as time permits. . . Two were travel guidebooks. If your curiosity has gotten the best of you, the remaining four include Steven Erikson's Crack'd Pot Trail (Canada, USA, Europe), Stephen King's The Drawing of the Three (Canada, USA, Europe), The Dervish House (Canada, USA, Europe), and Mark Steyn's America Alone (Canada, USA, Europe). Based on the reactions caused by the Easter quote, I'm still debating whether or not I'll review Steyn's book, even though I think that most people should read it, be you a Leftist or a Rightist.

I'm also doing my best to finish both Jim Butcher's Grave Peril (Canada, USA, Europe), and Swords & Dark Magic edited by Lou Anders and Jonathan Strahan (Canada, USA, Europe) before catching that plane to Slovenia. . .

If all goes well, I should be able to maintain my 40+ novels read average per year in 2010. Traipsing around Eastern Europe and the Balkans could slow me down, but it's all in the name of rock and roll!;-)

Still don't know why I've been asked to do this, but what the heck!?!

4 commentaires:

Larry Nolen said...

I believe the stat posting started after a couple questioned Adam (Werthead) about whether or not all he read were Gollancz books, since he had reviewed quite a few of them in a row, apparently. He looked at what he had read for the year, posted it, and got a few others to post theirs in turn. Amusing reason to start posting that.

I'll only note that I'm going to finish #169 tonight, but which publishers I've read? Who the hell really needs to know that?

Chris V said...

Ooff my list isnt that long,

1 book from alastair reynolds
2 books from Peter F Hamilton
5 part trilogy of The hitchhikers guide.
1 book of Max brooks (zombie guide, yeah I know cheesy but fun)

machinery said...

169 what ?
books in 1 month ?
if that is the case, you're a psycho,.

Larry Nolen said...

Books for the year. Only 33 for last month.