Additional tour dates for the Pat's Fantasy Hotlist world tour!

Yep, just got the confirmation today! Unless that stupid volcano screws me up the ass, I'll be flying away once again in mid-June, this time for Eastern Europe and the Balkans!=)

The tentative itinerary looks like this:

- Slovenia: Ljubljana, Bled, and maybe Piran
- Croatia: Zagreb, Zadar, Plitvice Lakes, Split, maybe Hvar island, and Dubrovnik
- Bosnia & Hercegonina: Mostar and Sarajevo
- Serbia: Belgrade and Novi Sad
- Montenegro: Kotor, Budva

I'm taking off on June 12th, so I must hurry and get my shit together! I'll be traveling for a little over a month, and I can't wait!;-)

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Angelo said...

You'll love the plitvice national park and Dubrovnik. I was very surprised when I've visited Croatia a couple years ago.

Vid Fras said...


You should defenitly go to the Hvar island, old city is very beautifuland also the island is one of the best islands in all the Mediteranian.

Unknown said...

You might read "Balkan Ghosts" by Robert D. Kaplan. An interesting read about the Balkans and it's history by a "travel" writer.

~ Mark

Unknown said...

What the heck is your day job? You keep going on these massive trips and they've got to be wicked expensive...

Parao said...

The town of Dubrovnik is so beautiful that I used it in my last novel. I saw it just after the War (when a group of army-fools bombed it from the near mountains), and I saw it after, rebuilt. You'll love Dubrovnik (in italian, Ragusa :).

They say that Trieste, my town, is the "Adriatic Pearl". I don't think so. Dubrovnik is The Pearl.

Oh, and yes, even Plitvice is beautiful. It's a pity one cannot dive in those waters, especially when it's so hot outside.

I've never written before on this blog, but I'm reading it daily, since five, six months now (after discovering it). Thank you to share your passion for good-"fantastic"-books. (I'm looking forward to read Guy Gavriel Key last novel - in Italy they don't publish him since 1994: "The darkest road".)

Chris said...

Damn how do you get so much time to travel? ;_; I'll be off to Prague and Germany in June/July. Should be a blast. :)

Looking forward to reading about your travel experiences there.

Matthieu said...

Hey man,
How can you afford so much travel especially with the usual two weeks holidays we have in North America. It must also cost a lot.
You should give your reader your secret. I would love to get around as much as you do.

Unknown said...

That's a wonderful tour. I miss going there for vacation (although where I'm now remind me about it very much. Hmm… Now that I think about it that's probably why I miss Croatia so much actually :P).
Plitvickie Jezera are so very beautiful.
Since you plan to go to Slovenia I recommend you go to Postojna Cave. It takes about half a day to see the main caves.
From what I see you will only pass by the Istria penisula but if you decide to see it after all go to Pula - the city is a mix of Roman (including one of three best preserved amphitheaters), Venetian and Austrian influences.
If you are in Split - there is a market right besides the old city - near the ferry harbour. There are many local products there, especially food and fresh fruit and vegetables. And go to Salona - it's just a short bus ride away.
I'm not sure exactly when you'll be on Hvar but the lavender (and Hvar is covered in lavender bushes) starts blooming in June and then the top of the island looks incredible. Just go the old road on the top of island instead a tunnel through it.

Unknown said...

Yeah, you'll finally come to Slovenia. :)
We should meet.

Patrick said...

I see that, like too many people, some of you believe that traveling cost a fortune. Well, that's the biggest misconception out there, if you ask me.

I'm pretty sure that most people stopping by on the Hotlist make more money than I do.

Booking beds in hostels allows you to travel on the cheap, meet heaps of new people, and have a blast. I haven't finished booking all my accomodation for this trip, but my nights will more or less cost me between 20$ and 30$ a piece, and that's in cool hostels. I never stay in a dive...

I really was living it up in Southeast Asia last winter. But all told, with the plane ticket and everything else thrown in, my 6 weeks in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore only cost me about 4500$.

And though Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro can be expensive, this new adventure shouldn't cost me more than 3500$ all told. Booze included.

It's not about traveling, it's about how you do it. Staying in hotels, even 3-star establishments would more than double the cost of my trip.

Check out websites like and you'll discover a world of possibilities anywhere on the planet. And you'll realize that basically anyone can afford to travel...=)

Nightflier said...

Hey, Pat! I'm delighted to hear that you are coming to Belgrade. I am translator by trade and I mostly do fantasy. I've translated Jordan, Sanderson, Zelazny and King among others. Anyway, I can introduce you to Serbian writers, publishers and illustrators, and to Serbian food and drink. That's what we do best! So, my email is Looking forward to hear from you.