Eastern Europe and the Balkans, here I come!=)

Okay folks, so I finally came up with an itinerary that should more or less hold for the duration of the trip.

I've already been approached by Ivan, a Serbian translator who has translated novels by Robert Jordan, Stephen King, Brandon Sanderson, Jim Butcher, and more. He wants to introduce me to SFF folks in Belgrade, which should be fun. Now, such meetings don't always work out. Kuala Lumpur is a good example, yet it was interesting to meet SFF fans and writers in Singapore.

So if you are living in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, or Montenegro (I think I'm covered for Serbia), feel free to get in touch via the giveaway email address and maybe we can meet for a bite (always happy to have a food coach when I'm in a foreign country!) and/or drinks. And please don't hate me if we can't make it happen. . . =)

Here's the itinerary

- June 12th: Depart Montreal
- June 13th: Arrive in Ljubljana, Slovenia
- June 14th and 15th: Ljubljana
- June 16th and 17th: Bled, Slovenia
- June 18th to 20th: Zagreb, Croatia (with a full day spent at the Plitvice Lakes)
- June 21st and 22nd: Zadar, Croatia
- June 23rd to 25th : Split, Croatia (with at least a day around the islands)
- June 26th: Dubrovnik, Croatia
- June 27th to 29th: Kotor and Budva, Montenegro
- June 30th and July 1st: Dubrovnik, Croatia
- July 2nd and 3rd: Mostar, Bosnia
- July 4th to 6th: Sarajevo, Bosnia
- July 7th to 10th: Belgrade, Serbia (with a day in Novi Sad)
- July 11th and 12th: Probably Zagreb, Croatia, since I fly back from there...
- July 13th: Flight to Montreal

12 commentaires:

Susan said...

So. Jealous.

Not To Miss:
In Mostar there's this totally decadent outdoor shisha pit/bar/lounge. You sit outside on big cushions and enjoy the evening while pulling on a double-apple shisha and a G&T. The epitome of Turkish indolence, just off the road where the Stari Most is.

BStearns said...

Good luck out there! Go do us proud! Hope you have an eventful and fun trip!


Unknown said...

Have a wonderful time Pat, and next time I hope you decide to visit Greece and Turkey so that we get a chance to show you around southern Europe and Asia Minor!

Anonymous said...

Great news, man! See you in Belgrade!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That sounds like quite a trip!

Chris V said...

plitvice is awesome. Beautiful park, lakes and waterfalls. Some serious history behind it too. well worth the visit. I remember it from when I was a kid.

Gabriele Campbell said...

Have fun.

If you come across some Roman ruins, take a pic for me. :)

Unknown said...

Enjoy in my home country Slovenia! :)

T4h10n said...

Hi. If you are going to Ljubljana, we can met for a friendly chat. Me and my friend would love to met you.

Tim MS2 said...

Where's the picture from?

Unknown said...

@Tim MS2
Picture is from Plitvice.

And have fun in Ljubljana.



Unknown said...

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