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This from Abercrombie's blog:

Any of you who’ve spent time waiting for books to appear will know that the world of publishing can be a fickle business, and that publication dates are … let us say …malleable. Writing is not a precise science. There can be unforeseen problems. Revisions can take longer than expected. And that’s before you get into the whole arena of commercial considerations, of the time required for production, and distribution, and enthusing a sales force, and preparing an eager public, and yada yada yada. Until you have the book in your hands it’s wise not to take anything for granted.

So it is with great regret I have to inform you that, following a meeting with my editor and various whip-and-sword-wielding figures at Orion made from fire and shadow, we have decided, reluctantly, that we have to move the publication date of The Heroes.

But do not weep a river of tears quite yet, my friends, for the publication date is coming forward.

Yes, indeed, the UK hardcover of The Heroes will now be available on January 20th 2011, and not a moment before.

That's wonderful news! No word yet if the US edition, currently slated for March 7th 2011, will be moved forward as well. . .

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