Well, well, well. . .

With their thrilling 4-3 victory, the Montreal Canadiens have once again forced a game 7, this time against the mighty Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins! And the thing about a game 7 is that anything can happen.

The champs made the same mistake the Washington Capitals made: They failed to eliminate the Habs when they had them against the ropes.

Come Wednesday night, cry baby Sidney Crosby and company might begin shinning those golf clubs and start the softball practices! The momentum of this series has shifted yet again!

Go Habs Go!=)

5 commentaires:

Lord Inquisitor G. said...

Wow! They just keep surprinsing us!

And now, it's not just Halak... The whole team play good hockey!

Can't wait for game seven.

Go Habs GO!!!

Jaltus said...

I'm just hoping my Blackhawks can knock out those annoying Canucks and move on to play San Jose.

I will say I am becoming quite the believer in Halak, the kid is incredible! It really helps that your offense is finally coming to life.

RobB said...

I'm actually rooting for the Canadiens on this one - I want to see a Boston/Montreal conference finals to reignite the classic rivalry.

Unknown said...

The Civic Arena will not be closed out with a loss, sorry!

Go Pens!

Lord Inquisitor G. said...

Yes... it will. It has!

Sorry about that. 5-2... not even close.

Now Boston or Philly????