Jackpot 2010 contest winner!

Well, it looks as though many, many of you wanted to get your hands on this little jackpot of mine! The original prize pack included:

- Steven Erikson's Dust of Dream [US TPB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- J. V. Jones' Watcher of the Dead [US ARC]
- Peter V. Brett's The Desert Spear [US ARC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Connie Willis' Blackout [US HC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Ari Marmell's Conqueror's Shadow [US HC]
- L. E. Modesitt, jr.'s Arms-Commander [US ARC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Ian Cameron Esslemont's Return of the Crimson Guard [US ARC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Tom Lloyd's The Stormcaller [US TPB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Tom Lloyd's The Twilight Herald [US TPB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Tom Lloyd's The Grave Thief [US TPB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Max Frei's The Stranger [US HC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- James Barclay's Dawnthief [US TPB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- James Barclay's Noonshade [US TPB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- James Barclay's Nightchild [US TPB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Paul McAuley's The Quiet War [US TPB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Paul McAuley's Gardens of the Sun [US TPB]
- Tom Holt's Blonde Bombshell [US ARC]
- Robert McCammon's Mister Slaughter [US ARC]
- Alexey Pehov's Shadow Prowler [US ARC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- S. A. Swann's Wolfbreed [US TPB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- William Horwood's Hyddenworld: Spring [UK HC]
- Gail Z. Martin's The Summoner [US/UK PB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Gail Z. Martin's The Blood King [US/UK PB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Gail Z. Martin's Dark Haven [US/UK PB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Gail Z. Martin's Dark Lady's Chosen [US/UK PB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Justina Robson's Living Next Door to the God of Love [US TPB]
- Catherynne M. Valente's In the Night Garden [US TPB]
- Kate Griffin's A Madness of Angels [UK ARC]
- Kate Griffin's The Midnight Mayor [US HC]
- Matthew Sturges' Midwinter [US TPB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Matthew Sturges' The Office of Shadow [US ARC]
- John Scalzi's The Android's Dream [US HC]
- David Gunn's Death's Head [UK HC]
- David Gunn's Death's Head: Maximum Offense [US HC]
- David Gunn's Death's Head: Day of the Damned [US HC]
- K. J. Parker's Devices and Desires [UK PB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- K. J. Parker's Evil for Evil [UK TPB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Ian McDonald's Brasyl [US ARC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Ian McDonald's Cyberabad Days [US ARC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Josh Conviser's Empyre [US TPB]
- J. R. R. Tolkien's The Children of Húrin [US HC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Mark J. Ferrari's The Book of Joby [US TPB]
- John Twelve Hawks' The Dark River [US HC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- John Twelve Hawks' The Golden City [US HC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Chris Wooding's Retribution Falls [UK ARC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Jay Lake's Mainspring [US HC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Jay Lake's Escapement [US HC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Jay Lake's The Sky That Wraps [US ARC]
- Ricardo Pinto's The Chosen [UK PB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Ricardo Pinto's The Standing Dead [UK PB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Ricardo Pinto's The Third God [UK HC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Chris Evans' A Darkness Forged in Fire [US ARC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Robert V. S. Redick's The Red Wolf Conspiracy [UK ARC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Charlie Huston's The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death [US HC] Canada, USA, Europe
- Elizabeth Bear's Chill [US PB]
- Helen Oyeyemi's White is for Witching [UK PB]
- Karen Miller's Star Wars: Clone Wars Gambit: Stealth [US ARC]
- Mark Charan Newton's Nights of Villjamur [US ARC] (Canada, USA, Europe)

To which I added these titles and maybe a few others I can't recall:

- David Louis Edelman's Geosynchron [US ARC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Glen Cook's A Cruel Wind [US TPB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Glen Cook's A Fortress in Shadow [US TPB]
- Glen Cook's An Empire Unacquainted With Defeat [US HC]
- Jay Lake's Pinion [US HC]
- China Miéville's The City & the City [US PB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Jeffrey Ford's The Shadow Year [US ARC] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Adrian Tchaikovsky's Dragonfly Falling [US TPB] (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Adrian Tchaikovsky's Blood of the Mantis [US TPB] (Canada, USA, Europe)

The winner is:

- Julien Pineault, from Montréal, Québec, Canada

Many thanks to all the participants!;-)

14 commentaires:

YzhaBella's BookShelf said...

Holy Moly! Congratulations Julien!

Jens said...

The winner is a fellow québécois?

Admit it, Pat, that's on purpose as to avoid the shipping costs!!! :-p

Steve MC said...

I hope they got a big trunk.

And shelves - better go buy some shelves!

Todd said...

Congrats! That's one hell of a to-read pile you're gonna have!

Anonymous said...

And I had hopes of winning...how naive.

fceransky said...

Just for my curiosity, how many players?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Desk Jockey said...

Congrats Julien! Go Habs Go!

Doug said...

Man I hate impatient Martin fanboys.

Congrats Julien, I'm a little jealous somebody else got all that prime reading material.

Pierre Normand said...

I'm jealous!! I so wanted to win that...

valerie said...

congratulations on the win of the year!

Unknown said...

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