This is it!

Just received the news via email from the folks at Subterranean Press! Speculative Horizons is now available for pre-order!

Here's the blurb:

Speculative fiction is wide in scope and styles, and Speculative Horizons showcases the talent and storytelling skills of five of the genre’s most imaginative voices:

In C. S. Friedman’s “Soul Mate,” it’s love at first sight for Josie at the arts and crafts festival when she meets the handsome Stephan Mayeaux. It all sounds too good to be true until her newfound boyfriend starts to act strangely and unexplained occurrences begin to take place around her.

In Tobias S. Buckell’s “The Eve of the Fall of Habesh,” contragnartii Jazim must carry out one final assignment before the armies of the Sea People lay waste to the city he loves.

L. E. Modesitt, Jr. returns to the universe of his bestselling Recluce saga in “The Stranger.” A young herder’s existence will be forever changed by the unexpected arrival of the black-clad man recounting tales of angels living on the summit of the Roof of the World.

In “Flint,” Brian Ruckley introduces us to a young and inexperienced shaman who must venture into the spirit world to discover the source of the sickness which afflicts his tribe before they are all wiped out.

Talk to any cop working for Homicide, Narcotics, or Vice, and they’ll tell you that they get the worst cases imaginable. But in Hal Duncan’s “The Death of a Love,” you realize that they have nothing on Erocide.

Oh man, I'm feeling a bit giddy! Been working on this thing since the summer of 2008, so it's nice to see the project finally coming to fruition. Many thanks to Bill, Yanni, and everyone at Subpress for putting up with me. And kudos go out to Hal Duncan, C. S. Friedman, L. E. Modesitt, jr., Tobias S. Buckell, and Brian Ruckley for contributing.

You know that I accepted this gig only if a portion of the proceeds went to breast cancer research. As promised, 10% of the cover price of each copy pre-ordered from now till May 21st 2010 will go to the American Cancer Society.

This from the Subpress website:

Speculative Horizons is the newest in our series of short anthologies, helmed this time by Patrick St-Denis, best known for running Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist, the place to go for fantasy news, contests, excerpts, and interviews.

Pat’s gathered an eclectic mix of contributors, including L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (with a new Recluce short story), C. S. Friedman, Tobias S. Buckell, Brian Ruckley, and Hal Duncan, who has written a story so wrenching it’ll rip out your heart and come back for your lungs.

If you want to support this worthy cause and read a fine anthology, follow this link.=)

10 commentaires:

Heath said...

Congratulations! Sounds really interesting.

Ryan said...

Congrats Pat! I'm happy for you. Good cause too, I hope lots of people take advantage.

Steve MC said...

Congrats - cool seeing your name on the cover.

Unknown said...

Posted it on my blog and bought a copy. Congratulations as well.

Kat Hooper said...

I got an ARC in the mail today. Looking forward to reading it. Looks nice!

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ella said...

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FOG said...

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