Book trailer for Stephen R. Donaldson's AGAINST ALL THINGS ENDING

Finally received my ARC of Stephen R. Donaldson's Against All Things Ending and I'm pretty excited about it! Hopefully this book will be one of the SFF highlights of 2010 for me. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.

Here's the blurb:

The long-awaited sequel to "The Runes of the Earth" and "Fatal Revenant" returns readers to the Land-and unravels some of the mysteries haunting Covenant and Linden Avery.

Thomas Covenant is alive again, restored to his mortal body by the unimaginable combined force of his own white gold ring, Linden Avery's Staff of Law, and the ancient dagger called High Loric's krill. His resurrection is Linden's defiant act of love, despite warnings from mortals and immortals that unleashing this much power would destroy the world. She brought his spirit back from its prison in the Arch of Time, and revived his slain body, so that Covenant lies whole on the cool grass, and the world seems at peace. But the truth is inescapable: The thunderclap of power has awakened the Worm of the World's End, and all of them, and the Land itself, are forfeit to its devouring. If they have any chance to save the Land, it will come from unlikely sources- including the mysterious boy Jeremiah, Linden's adopted son, whose secrets are only beginning to come to light

Click on this link to see the book trailer.

3 commentaires:

Jebus said...

Am I the only one that finds book "trailers" exceedingly stupid? I really don't understand the point of them and I'm yet to see one that makes me think buying that book would be a good idea.

I am assuming that is their purpose, no?

Matt said...

I've read both of the previous trilogies in this series and must say I hate these books. Maybe my tastes have changed since I first read them in the early 80's, but they are just not getting it done for me any longer. Listening to Linden moan on and on and on and on is mind bendingly boring. Won't be picking this book up.

Unknown said...

Now that I've finished reading AATE, I find myself agreeing with Matt. One hundred pages into the book, Thomas C. is still slumping on the grass in Andelain, Linden feels more, and still more, anguish and despair and dismay and guilt - OK, OK - we get it ... can we move on with the story? And I didn't realize until the very end of AATE that there was going to be a FOURTH book in this series! Another thing that exasperates me about the whole Thomas Covenant ouevre is that, while it's not S.R.D.'s fault, the artwork on the covers has been atrocious from the very first, and is now just baffling. I mean - why feature a picture of the Harrow (I assume that's who it is, the main clue for me being the beads on the man's brown tunic) when he is killed off in the first third of the book? I also noticed a lot of typos and misprints in my hard-cover copy. Fortunately it was a library copy (I refuse to buy my own copy anymore).
Anyways, that's my vent - thanks for reading!