Musical Interlude

God knows that the post-1990 U2 songs never quite captured the quality and the timelessness of the music they produced during the 80s, during which everything they touched turned to gold and they came up with many classics.

This is hands down the most beautiful song from the band. Everything about it is just perfect. The melody and the melancholy get under your skin, the lyrics make you think. U2 at their very best!

3 commentaires:

Ted Cross said...

You are exactly right about them losing their magic touch after Achtung Baby. I also agree that Bad is their best song, though I prefer the live version from Wide Awake in America to the studio version.

Steve MC said...

Just came to suggest the Wide Awake version, so I'll just second it instead.

Anonymous said...

John Mayer kinda ripped off the opening riff of this song in "Heartbreak Warfare"...pretty annoying!