Serbia photo album

Well, that's it. . . =(

Finishing sorting out travel pictures is always a bummer, because it's at that moment that it dawns upon you that the adventure is truly over.

I screwed up in my last posts and would be remiss if I did not pimp the great hostels I stayed at in Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Serbia. So here they are:

Zagreb, Croatia: Hobo Bear Hostel: Cool digs, great location, friendly staff!

Zadar, Croatia: Old Town Zadar: A bit rough around the edges, but you can't beat the location!

Split, Croatia: Situs Hostel: It's like sharing a flat with a few people. Peter was a great host!

Dubrovnik, Croatia: HI Dubrovnik: I try to steer clear of HI hostels whenever possible, but this one did the job for my two stays in town.

Kotor, Montenegro: Montenegro Backpackers' Club: Smack down in the middle of the old town!

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina: Majda's Hostel: You simply can't beat that kind of unforgettable hospitality!

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina: Hostel City Center: Wonderful accomodation in the heart of Sarajevo!

Belgrade, Serbia: Backpackers' Lounge: As cool as it gets, with the best staff!

Belgrade may not possess the mass appeal of other cities such as Prague, Budapest, Berlin, etc. Yet where nightlife is concerned, Belgrade takes a backseat for no one. Los Angeles, New York City, London, Montreal, Miami, yada yada yada, are all renowned for their nightlife. But in Belgrade, it's for keeps. People really know how to party, you can take my word for it.

Which explains the high ratio of party pics in this album. Keep in mind that I returned to the hostel past 4:30am three nights in a row. Blame it all on cheap booze, good music, fun times, and beautiful women (Serbian and otherwise!). Man, but Belgrade was a blast! ;-)

Click on this link to see the photos.

It's a great big world out there, and you should all go out and see it. . . =) Seriously!

4 commentaires:

Esther said...

Have you ever explained why or how you travel so much?

Not that I'm complaining, I love the pics and the recommendations, I'm just envious.

Adrian Lankford said...

I stayed in Dubrovnik for part of my honey moon. It was beautiful and clean.

Did you learn about the Dubrovnik 200?

Try to check out Plitvice lakes. They are fantastic. The rival Yosemite.

Patrick said...

Esther: Why I travel? Because there is no better feeling in the world! There's a part of me that only comes alive when I'm traveling!

How? Easy, you just save money by sacrificing other things. For me it's keeping my old car instead of buying a brand new one. That and packing a lunch to work instead of eating out every time. Just by doing that I can save enough to travel somewhere different basically ever year.

If you do a little research beforehand and stay in hostels, you'll meet heaps of people and save a bundle. For my month-long trip to the Balkans, all told (flights, insurance, accomodation, sightseeing, food, drinks, partying, transportation) my trip cost me about 3500$ Considering that my plane ticket was 1600$, the trip itself cost me a mere 1900$ for 33 days. I could have done it for even cheaper had I been willing to self-cater more instead of eating out. As far as accomodation goes, I stayed in top notch hostels for between 16$ and 27$, in dorms of 2 to 4 beds...

In 2008, all told my 5 weeks spent in Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania cost me 3100$.

Those who feel that traveling is a luxury are crazy. All you need is a Lonely Planet guidebook, a few evenings spent perusing or, a look around the Lonely Planet forum, and you have the world at your feet.

You should try it! =)

Adrian: Scroll down to check out my Croatia photo album. The Plitvice Lakes national park is one of the most beautiful places on this earth!

Nope, haven't heard of the Dubrovnik 200.

Esther said...

"You should try it! "

I did when I was younger and lived in England but now I'm an old married lady with children :0)

Also we get 12 days annual holiday so we take a big trip every couple of years.