Serbia likes me!

Which is good, for I like Serbia! ;-)

You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that Serbia's Ambassador to the World had linked the blog post in which I invited my readers to check out my Belgrade photo album. You can find their post here.

As a matter of course, I will have to return to Serbia at some point to see more of the country. After a couple of nights of partying in Belgrade, that goes without saying! Plus, I was too hungover to take my sorry ass to Novi Sad on that fateful Sunday morning. . . Yet one more reason to go back!

And I still have 3500 dinars that no one in Zagreb would exchange, so there's my booze money right there! And I'd kill for a couple of meals at Little Bay, which offers the most affordable fine dining experience in Europe!

And the beautiful women, of course!

Hmmm, seems like there are a lot of good reasons to go back. . . =)

3 commentaires:

Scho said...

ah...the lady in red...

Nightflier said...

Well, when you are with friends in Serbia - your money is no good!

Stephen Kammerman said...

I was looking for a fantasy FOOTBALL blog but hey, she's cute. Can't complain I guess. : )