L. E. Modesitt, jr. contest winners!

To help promote the recent release of the third volume in the series, Imager's Intrigue (Canada, USA, Europe, AbeBooks), thanks to cool folks at Tor Books, our three winners will get their hands on the paperback edition of the first two installments of The Imager Portfolio. The prize pack includes:

- Imager (Canada, USA, Europe, AbeBooks)
- Imager's Challenge (Canada, USA, Europe, AbeBooks)

The winners are:

- Rachel Madsen, from Waterbury, Connecticut, USA

- Ed Tambini, from Surprise, Arizona, USA

- Tommy Rutledge, from Temple, Texas, USA

Many thanks to all the participants!

2 commentaires:

Rachel said...

Thanks, Pat!

Tommy said...

Yaaay! Thank you, Pat.
*big smile*