GAME OF THRONES in Vanity Fair

Saw this on Winter is Coming:

This from HBO co-president Michael Lombardo in a recent interview with Vanity Fair discussing HBO’s ability to garner so many Emmy nominations and wins:

Lombardo, for example, mentioned the upcoming adaptation of the fantasy-novel series Game of Thrones, a genre in which he’d candidly mentioned not being the world’s leading expert: “The fact that it was genre, i.e. a little bit of magic, in a world that is not in fact real was irrelevant to the storytelling. The human drama that I read in the page, the characters as scripted by David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss]—I was hooked on the pilot after reading it, and I’ve done this enough now to know that doesn’t happen all the time and when it happens you need to pay attention to it. Because to have a great show, I got to tell you, what you have to start with is a great script. It was a great script.”

This looks like it's going to be something special! =)

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this. If anyone could do it justice, it's HBO.

Shawn said...

Anyone else get the impression from his comments that he had absolutely no idea it was a book first?

redhead said...

This is worth paying for HBO!

Zafri Mollon said...

Can't wait! The most exciting tv adaptation ever (so far).

Jebus said...

GRRM is in Melbourne next weekend for Aussicon 4 (Worldcon) and he has a panel planned where he's gonna talk about translating AGoT from book to TV, should be quite interesting.

A quote from the program guide:
A Game of Thrones: bringing the fantasy epic to HBO
A Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin’s widely acclaimed fantasy epic, is being brought to the small screen by HBO Television. In this special presentation, George reveals the development and production of 2011’s must-see TV
George R. R. Martin
Friday 1500 Room P1

Now just gotta get the time off work, I can see the damn convention centre from my office.