Cover art for the HBO tie-in edition of GAME OF THRONES

The new cover art for the tie-in edition of George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones has been released by Bantam Dell. It will be available in both trade paperback and paperback formats.

Not sure at this point whether or not this cover is final. The picture depicts depicts Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen.

It also appears that each US ASOIAF volume will be reissued with the UK covers, though A Game of Thrones will sport the UK cover for A Dance With Dragons. . .

And for fuck's sake, why will the ASOIAF application only be available on the iPhone???

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Morrigan said...

"will the ASOIAF application only be available on the iPhone??? "

Eh? What iPhone app is that? I never heard of this yet.

Jebus said...

And the new teaser:

Looks sweet, love some of the dialogue.

Steve MC said...

THIS is the cover? A pretty girl and her horse? It makes it look like Mercedes Lackey or some chic-lit fantasy.

Frankly, I never got why they switched to the bland single-color covers when the first few had those awesome paintings - showing exactly the setting and mood: the sword and the wolf, and the ravens and burning castle. That's what first drew me in.

So, not to dump on the whole Daenery's story, but it's not even near the central story of the first book.

Adam Whitehead said...

Someone's created an iPhone app which has a database of every character in the series. However, I think it's more likely that Bantam are doing their own thing.

machinery said...

well, i would say wtf is going on with adwd, but i guess to each his own set of priorities.
some like to be teased endlessly, others get angry at figurines and callendats and idiotic fans.

Luis said...

It's a LOT better than the current gold-tone cover which is totally boring. Trailer looks fantastic, by the way.

Adam Whitehead said...

The TV tie-in cover has been confirmed to be a placeholder by Bantam. The final art still isn't in place (which is cutting it fine, as it hits the stands in about nine weeks).

As for what's going on with ADWD, that should be self-evident. Bantam wouldn't be readying a multi-thousand dollar TV, radio and print ad campaign just to advertise the fact new editions are coming out ;-)

Anonymous said...

"will the ASOIAF application only be available on the iPhone??? "

What's wrong with that? ;-)

(I don't own an iPhone, BTW).