Joe Abercrombie interview

With The Heroes (Canada, USA, Europe) soon to be released, there is a new Q&A with Joe Abercrombie available on Fantasy Faction. Here's a teaser:

Well, The Heroes is a book about war. More specifically, the great majority of it takes place in one valley, during the course of one three day battle, and follows the misadventures of six variously cowardly, selfish, murderous, ambitious, conniving, treacherous and otherwise largely unheroic characters mixed up in fighting on both sides and at various levels in the chain of command. All epic fantasy tends to be about war to some degree, but the way war is depicted is often somewhat shiny and heroic, with victory a question of clever planning and bravery. From reading a lot of military history I had deduced that war in the real world tends to be a more random, dirty, unpredictable business, with victory just as often the result of strange coincidences, personality clashes, mistakes, and bad luck. I wanted to write a story that tried to bridge the gap between that shiny, heroic, epic fantasy perception of warfare, and perhaps a more realistic, world-weary kind of take. Lord of the Rings meets Generation Kill, perhaps?

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