Joe Abercrombie news!

Joe Abercrombie, author of the forthcoming The Heroes (Canada, USA, Europe) signed a new book deal with Gollancz.

This from his website:

I have news, in fact, of something that happened early last year but which I haven’t got around to mentioning until now, what with all the kerfuffle and confustication of the last few months. But be assured it is great news for those who enjoy my work, and a poke in the eye and tweak of the nose for those wrongheaded heathens who claim to dislike it. Or at any rate it’s not particularly interesting for those who dislike it. But there are none of them reading now, are there? Are there? Who cares what they think, the deluded poltroons, they are to be pitied, not hated!

Therefore stand amazed as I announce that I last year signed a contract with my doughty UK publisher, Gollancz, for four more books set in the world of The First Law. That’s right. FOUR MORE BOOKS. Twice two. Or more accurately, one plus three, since at the moment, those books are looking like they’ll be another semi-standalone in the style of Best Served Cold and The Heroes, followed by another trilogy, though obviously I reserve the right to be coy and change my mind, possibly while flouncing out of a meeting. It’s a lady’s privilege, don’t you know.

Good news for Abercrombie fans!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome news. Can't wait for Heroes and now I have four more books to look forward to! I love Joe's style and I don't ever foresee his books about the northmen and that world ever getting old.

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Jamie Gibbs said...

Congrats to Joe! I'm hoping to make it to Bristol to his signing in Forbidden Planet at the end of the month.

Sean said...

Fantastic, my favourite author of all time, without a doubt, I have spent months anticipating The Heroes with baited breath and wrung hands, the news of further upcoming releases is as welcoming as it is exciting!