New limited edition for Joe Abercrombie's BEFORE THEY ARE HANGED

This from the Subpress website:

Even while The Blade Itself was at the printer, and while we were shipping the opening salvo in Joe Abercrombie’s epic fantasy series, we’ve been hard at work on its sequel, Before They Are Hanged.

Once again, Alexander Preuss will be supplying a full color cover and a number of interior illustrations, the first of which you can see here. We’ll post examples to the book’s page as they’re available.

Please note: Until 12:00 pm EST on Friday, January 21, 2011, the Signed Limited Edition of Before They Are Hanged is $60, a full $15 off the regular $75 price. Please pay attention to the ordering instructions on the book’s page, as only those who have a copy of The Blade Itself may order a copy of Before They Are Hanged at this time.

Finally, given that The Blade Itself sold out prior to publication, it’s very unlikely we’ll be able to offer copies of Before They Are Hanged to our large online and wholesale accounts

For more info, check out the Subterranean Press.

5 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

WTF!!! did they even read the fuckin book. first law is a fantasy series, not a BLADE RUNNER RIP-OFF. sorry to say, that has to be thier worst cover yet.

seriously, is it THAT hard to do a proper FANTASY cover.

Unknown said...

Have they even shipped out copies of "the blade itself"? I haven't received mine yet...

And while I think the covers look nice, I agree with you that I'm not really sure how well they tie in with the novels.

Anonymous said...

It's clearly stated that that picture is an interior illustration, not the cover. So settle down.

Anonymous said...

I emailed subpress, and apparently they just finished shipping The Blade Itself last week. I haven't received mine either.

I put my preorder in for Before They Are Hanged. I was told I could request a number after I receive The Blade Itself, to make sure they are the same.

ssgorik said...

Cover or not I noticed the same thing about some Blade Itself illustrations. While reading the books nothing jumped out at me saying anything had a futuristic look.