A bit of humor. . .

A Darth Vader ice cream delivery truck!?!

Good spoof from the guys at ThinkGeek!

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The Count said...


AKA, Pat's tumblr for shitty music and dumb stuff that amuses him, with the occasional vacation photo album, far-right diatribe, or 7.75 book review.

Anonymous said...

@The Cunt: Exactly what are you looking for??? The current format for pat's blog has been like this since 2007 or so.


The Count said...


1)lol at trying to insult a clearly fake name by shortening it to the 'the cunt'. really? do you think I'm an actual fucking sesame street character or something?

2)I'm not complaining about a decline in quality--I never said it was better before. I'm complaining about the blog in general.

Anonymous said...

@ The Count,

If you don't like Pat's blog, nobody's forcing your web browser to bring you here.

Sorry you don't like Pat's rock n roll tastes. Maybe Justin Bieber will release a new album soon that will be more to your liking.

Le Count said...


Darth Vader driving an ice cream truck isn't rock n' roll. Just sayin'.