Live chat with Guy Gavriel Kay

This from Bright Weavings:

To celebrate the May 3rd publication day of Under Heaven in paperback in the United States (and the releases in the UK and Canada earlier this spring), GGK will be available for a conversation with readers online via the services of a new interactive system, OneRoom. No software is needed, just go to the site. The conversation runs for an hour from 2PM-3pm EDT. On arrival, readers will be invited to select a log-in name and an icon/avatar for themselves, including choices from the covers of the ten novels. We'll see which book 'wins' this straw poll.

You can pre-register for this live discussion here.

Guy Gavriel Kay's Under Heaven (Canada, USA, Europe) is an awesome read, and I can't recommend this book enough! Now that it's going to be out in paperback just about everywhere, you can read and enjoy it, no matter how tight your budget is.

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