Could A DANCE WITH DRAGONS be done???

Looks like it!

Check out GRRM's Not a Blog.

Can't wait to find out how I'll be murdered in the book!!! =)

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Todd said...

Maybe you've been the main baddy all along and all this time Kong referred to you!

Nolan Giesbrecht said...

Question: Never have started the series and so my knowledge of it is quite limited; does this mean that the entire series is finished or just this one book [which is the second part of the one to be released this summer?]?

Anonymous said...!5796383/george-rr-martins-a-dance-with-dragons-is-really-done

Rich Mom, Rich Dad. Poor Mom, Poor Dad. said...

It's DONE!!! It's DONE!!!! Suck it GRRuMblers!

Here's the link with the picture of the manuscript!

Elfy said...

Weren't you 'Fred', Pat?

Jebus said...

Nolan - no this is not the end of the series, still 2 books to go.

Adam Whitehead said...

Pat's character is Ser Patrek of King's Mountain ;-)

Nolan Giesbrecht said...

Thanks Jebus.

Jens said...

I've been trying to this several times now over the last 2 days but been getting blogger error message. So, one last try:

@ Nolan:
We're talking about "A Dance with Dragons" here, so "just this one book"! ;-)

However, ADwD is not "the second part of the one to be released this summer", it IS "the one to be released this summer".
The publishing date this summer (i.e. July 12) was made a short while ago with the manuscript almost complete.
Now, it is completely complete! :-p
It is the long wait for this installment and worries over whether this book would ever see the light of day which makes the news about a finished manuscript worth the cheers.

Just to get some facts straight: "A Feast for Crows", volume 4 of the series, was split due to size reasons. The second part evolved into "Dance". Even though the structure is not entirely what Martin had planned back when "Feast" was split, "Dance" and "Feast" are still strongly linked. This is probably where your notion of "second part" comes from. (It's just that the first part will not be published this summer but was published back in 2005.)
The series is not yet complete. There will be two more novels: "The Winds of Winter" and "A Dream of Spring"

Anonymous said...

Look forward to reading this my local Library. No more money from me to Mr. Martin. Sorry.