The Making of HBO's Game of Thrones

The making of Game of Thrones from HBO!

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Todd said...

There is surprisingly a lot of new stuff in this, and some of the old stuff they've shown over and over and over was not present, which is good. I feel like parts of the show I'm sick of already because I've been following it so closely.

But this was the last piece I've decided to watch, and now my 11 week hibernation from 'most' Game of Thrones news begins...and I will have one hell of a Father's Day weekend in June when I watch the season from start to finish all at once :) I am very excited!

Anonymous said...

It does look good. I wonder if a month after the announcement, the fact that Dance is still not done worries you?

Aaron said...

I love how the folks in this clip are saying, "Yes, it is fantasy, BUT, it's character-driven. It has REAL relationships!"
Wow! I guess that's a first in the genre, then?