New interview with Ian Cameron Esslemont

Don't know how I missed this one a few weeks back. . . :/

There is a new Q&A with the Malazan co-creator and author of Stonewielder (Canada, USA, Europe) with the folks at Elitist Book Reviews. Here's an excerpt:

As I mentioned, Orb Sceptre Throne will be out next. It is set in Darujhistan and follows up on Toll the Hounds quite closely. It is thus more or less contemporaneous with Stonewielder. Right now I am working on the next of the series, which follows events unfolding upon the continent of Jacuruku. The working title for this novel is City in the Jungle. After this (everything having worked out) I hope to tackle the final work of the main arc, which is titled, Assail. That is the main sequence for Malaz. If I somehow find extra time there are SF projects I’ve had my eye on for some time now. I can only hope.

Follow this link for the full interview with Ian Cameron Esslemont!

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Mischiefs' Folly said...

Your slippin' pat. Tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

No worries Pat! I'm eager to know if Orb Scepter Throne will be better than Stonewielder, since that book is a BIG step down from Ian's other work

Steve the Bookstore Guy said...

Thanks for the linkage, Pat--it's much appreciated. We also put up a little Q&A with Erikson a couple of days ago.

As you know, it's always awesome chatting with authors like Erikson and Esslemont. One of the best things about being a reviewer in my opinion.

--Elitist Book Reviews