New Steven Erikson Q&A

As we await our own interview with Steven Erikson, author of The Crippled God (Canada, USA, Europe), the folks at Elitist Book Reviews just posted their own Q&A. Here's an excerpt:

For me writing is an exercise in humility. It always astonishes me when I prowl the hate-box (funny how the internet was meant to be a love-box, only to have it increasingly sway in the opposite direction … well, not funny. Disturbing) and read from fans of the genre comments on my coming across as arrogant, either in interviews or in my fiction. For my own sanity I can only assume that by subverting the tropes of the genre in my fantasy fiction, I am somehow perceived as attacking the lovers of the genre, which I am emphatically not doing. I grew up reading and loving the same stuff they’re now reading: but as a writer I wanted to twist it a little, do something different, and avoid the lazy route of reiterating what other writers have already done. This has landed me in the occasional shit-storm, where fans in their tribes feel it necessary to put down other writers in order to build up their favorite writers. Uhm, it’s not a competition, mates, and when I’m being judgmental, it’s self-directed. As writers we each participate to make up the whole genre, and it’s a big, flexible genre. For myself, I do hope that fans of my work read and enjoy as much fantasy fiction as is out there, and to forever remain open to new voices; and, most importantly, to not feel threatened by new takes on the genre. You lose nothing by being open-minded and you lose everything when you shut the door, bolt the lock, and hide from every challenge.

Follow this link to read the full interview.

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John Joseph Adams said...

We also ran one in Fantasy Magazine recently:

Patrick said...

Crap, I really suck at keeping track, don't I!?! :P

Unknown said...

Again, Pat, thanks for the link! I look forward to reading your own interview. I love interviewing authors, especially when they are so straight-forward and honest with their answers.

--Elitist Book Reviews

Myshkin said...

Lol, he arrogantly claims to not understand why people call him arrogant.

Anonymous said...

AH! Sorry, to flood your comments, Pat, but I don't know where else to turn. What happened to Westeros Forums?