HBO ASOIAF Map of the Free Cities

Thanks to Wert for spreading the word about this!

After over a decade, it's the first canon map of the coastline of the Free Cities!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I was totally wrong about the placing of this continent. I assumed the entire thing was placed beneath Dorn, not alongside Westeros from north to south.

Anonymous said...

I see only five Cities on that map.
Where are Lorath, Norvos, Qohor, Volantis ?..

Adam Whitehead said...

Volantis is just off the south-eastern edge of the map.

Norvos and Qohor are due east of Pentos. Based on the placement of the river at the eastern edge of the map, Norvos is also probably just off the edge.

Lorath is a mystery. It's on an island and is the least-mentioned Free City, so it may be the most distant Free City from Westeros, possibly east of Volantis in the Summer Sea (maybe even east of Braavos in the Shivering Sea).

Scott Walker said...

I love a good map! Thanks for posting.