HUNTER'S RUN contest winners!

Thanks to Voyager Books, these three people will receive the UK hardback edition of Martin, Dozois and Abraham's Hunter's Run (Canada, USA, Europe)!

The winners are:

- Iain Cupples, from St Andrews, Fife, UK (mormont on )

- Jacques Corby-Tuech, from Harleston, Norfolk, England (Veilside on

- Jay Gallant, from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Thanks to all the participants!;-)

3 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Pat, this is greatly appreciated.
Bring on more contests :D


the_corbie said...

Hey Pat, very pleased to have won. As GRRM said (and I've said many a time myself), there are ASOIAF fans and GRRM fans and I'm definitely one of the latter, so I'm delighted. (I like Dozois and Abraham too - but Dan, you need to get better at chess. ;))

Adam Whitehead said...

Well done, Iain!