Submit your question for an interview with George R.R. Martin, Gardner Dozois, and Daniel Abraham

Well, now that GRRM has agreed (apparently he says nice things about this blog behind my back!), I figure that our three-way interview will take place. We're waiting to hear from Gardner Dozois, and it will then become a reality.

This Q&A is meant to promote the forthcoming Hunter's Run, so please keep that in my mind when you submit a question. As always, the best questions will be selected to comprise the final interview.

Finally, anything that would result in a "RAFO" answer will not be considered.

Let's see what you guys will come up with!;-)

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Anonymous said...

My only question would be for George R.R. Martin and it would be "Why? Why, when so many are suffering, waiting for the next installment and conclusion of "A Song of Ice and Fire" would you (George R.R. Martin) be continually taking on these new projects and diverting your energies into other areas? Don't you want to finish the series?"

Neth said...

Good luck trying with contacting Dozois - Ansible is reporting that he is about to undergo a quintiple bypass operation with follow-up surgery after that.

Gav's Studio said...
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Gav's Studio said...

ooo this is weird - a novel written by three people. Is that right?

My question would be if that's the case:

'Who had the deciding vote if all of you wanted something to go in three different directions?'

Oh, and thanks Pat for the head's up about the Waterstones Scott Lynch comp - a copy arrived this morning. Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Which Tyrells knew in advance about the Purple Wedding?

-- the silent speaker

Daniel Abraham said...

Actually Gardner's up and around & feeling fine. He says he's in for the thing.

Neth said...

Thanks Daniel, that's good news.

Ran said...

Here's some questions:

* From my recollection, what eventually became Hunter's Run began its life as story Gardner had partly written but had difficulty completing when he brought George on board, and then it progressed a bit and then stalled out there as well before Daniel came on aboard.

So, if my recollection is correct, what were the difficulties with the story that Gardner and George had that kept them from being able to end it?

And then, what did Daniel bring to the table that finally got it moving to completion?

* Is the fact that the story was expanded to a novel related to the difficulties in getting it done earlier? Specifically, I'm wondering if the story felt like it needed a lot more room back then.

* For Daniel: Did you simply pick up where George and Gardner had left off with the story, or did you find things that needed to be restructured or otherwise revised before the story could move forward?

* All three: Any other collaborations between you three in the works?

* For Gardner and George: Robin Hobb and Joe Haldeman have recently mentioned that they're signed up to provide stories for an anthology you're both editing titled Warriors. What can you tell us about that?

Anonymous said...

For all three: Tell us about what sort of story this is and why we should buy it.

For George: Put in terms of a rough percentage, how far along would you say you are with A Dance with Dragons? are you on the home strecth, midway through? 70% done?

Anonymous said...

All of my questions are for GRRM.

Who did Sandor serve as a squire?

Did the Tullys and Littlefinger attend the Harrenhal tourney?

Are you still considering writing a novel about Ageon the Unworthy?

- Janet

Anonymous said...

For Dozois:

If I've understood this correctly, you were the one who came up with the plot that would later become Hunter's Run. How much of the original idea remains in the finished novel? Are you happy with the result?

For Abraham:

How did you get in contact with Dozois and Martin? Why did you agree to finish the novel?

For Martin (ASoIaF-related):

Feast and Dance seem to have taken more time and effort than the three earlier books. Do you think it will become easier again or do you expect to struggle with all the remaining books?

Anonymous said...


When the deal between Hoster Tully and Jon Arryn was made for Lysa, was Lysa still pregnant? And was Jon Arryn aware that Lysa was pregnant and that the father was Littlefinger? I've always found it strange that Arryn would place LF in important positions.

Anonymous said...

Personally I would think that collaborative efforts of writing would be much more difficult than individual. I would be concerned with the style, pace etc. of my collaborators and think that it may influence my part in the project. How did you all find the project personally from the writer's perspective and how did the other writers (if it did) affect your own writing? Was it difficult to find consensus during the project or was there general agreement on where the story would go and a mutual agreement to allow artistic freedom to the other writer to take it and run with it?

Collaborative projects generally do not tend to be as successful in the marketplace as say individual works (with some exceptions of course), do you believe it's more difficult for a collaborative project to be published? Did you yourselves have any trouble with publishers or did they jump on board? Is commercial success as important do you feel in a collaborative effort from a writer's and publishers viewpoint.

Would you agree with the assertion that some readers may see collaborative works as stand alone novels with little to no possibility of expansion? Is Hunter's Run such a story or is there agreement that the three of you will get together again? (not necessarily on a Hunter's Run universe project).

What, if any, other collaborative works would you say inspired you, or that you could look up to and say were brilliantly written. Or alternatively, what would you recommend to readers as far as collaborative works after they read Hunter's Run? What do you see as important components/issues involved in collaborative writing and that the three of you may have experienced during Hunter's Run. The circumstances of Hunter's Run seem to make it a unique collaboration in that two of you were brought aboard after the project had begun and at different times, what differences can you see compared to a project where all collaborators are on board from the beginning? And which would you think/consider would make for an easier collaboration.

Apologies in advance for any crossover in questions, just shooting from the hip. Thanks Pat! JJ