New online serial novel from Scott Lynch

From Scott Lynch:

Until recently, I was offline for a very long time. Longer than I'd meant to be, for personal reasons.

Now my cup runneth over with things to do, responsibilities I've stacked up, from revising and turning in certain manuscripts to rebuilding this website. And let's talk about my responsibility to you, my readers... you've gone for some time without seeing anything new from me. Not for lack of writing, but for lack of showing.

One thing I don't talk about very often is that I have a paralyzing fear of showing my early drafts to anyone. I write in total privacy and hate to have anyone so much as look over my shoulder while I'm working. My drafts are hidden in the darkest corners of my hard drive, checked and re-checked, then hidden again, then revised ad nauseam. It's... not terribly efficient, and probably not mentally healthy. It certainly causes my editors, who are saints, much more trouble than they deserve. This cannot persist. It's time to do something rather terrifying about it.

I'm going to start posting that dream-book I wrote, chapter by chapter, in weekly installments as a free online serial novel. And I'm going to finish the sucker in the grandest style I can.

So you can now read the first two chapters of Queen of the Iron Sands for free here. Keep an eye out on the author's website, as there should be weekly web installments for this new serial adventure!

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Devolark said...

Thanks for the update Pat. He also has recently posted the Prologue of the Republic of Thieves. We finally get to read about Sabetha Belacoros! I was a little bit dissapointed with the story in Red Ses... hopefully the next book will be great!!

Devolark said...

I check the Hotlist very often. I thought I scooped Pat on some news about the formentioned Prologue. I went ahaed and posted my first comment ever on the list. Then I continued to look at the Hotlist, got to Aug. 27th and there it is, the link to the Prologue. Pat, I will never attempt to scoop you again!

Machine Messiah said...

Scott Lynch is so awesome. I really like how accommodating he is to fans.

Unknown said...

Eagerly awaiting Republic of Thieves! Lynch's books are a refreshing change of pace compared to a lot of the current Fantasy authors out there, I love the premise.