New Ian Cameron Esslemont interview

Clarkesworld Magazine has a new interview with Malazan co-creator Ian Cameron Esslemont, author of Night of Knives (Canada, USA, Europe) and Return of the Crimson Guard (Canada, USA, Europe).

Here's a teaser:

I hope that what I write contains everything—else it would not have the feel of a complete fiction (if you know what I mean)," said Esslemont. "More specifically, I suppose I write about contending goals and agendas, the evolution of mythologies, beliefs, and legends, the efforts of the individual to find his or her 'self' and to understand and come to peace with the world and their place in it (everything, in other words).

To read the entire Q&A, head on out to the Clarkesworld Magazine website.

2 commentaires:

Jebus said...

Nice little interview. You can see how he developed as a writer from Night of Knives to RotCG. I'm reading Dust of Dreams at the moment and am really looking forward to ICE's next one.

These guys have created such a fascinating and complex world it just boggles the mind - probably the most complex and fully realised I've come across reading fantasy.

alabrava said...

Erikson for me, while I'm still going to finish this series lost me somewhere in the middle of the bonehunters. I did really like Esslemont's last one though I thought Toll the Hounds and Reapers Gale just meandered around and around, although still with interesting parts, those parts are getting farther and farther apart. I'm not one of those who say Erikson should be dropped after MoI as I thought House of Chains and Midnight Tides were really quite good and still somewhat focused.