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The Chain of Dogs had fallen at the foot of Aren. Pormqual's ten thousand danced on trees. Leoman's rebel army was destroyed at Y'Ghatan. It was clear -- it could not be clearer -- that for all there was to learn, no one ever bothered. Each new fool and tyrant to rise up from the mob simply set about repeating the whole fiasco, convinced that they were different, better, smarter. Until the earth drinks deep again.

- Warleader Gall of the Khundryl Burned Tears, in Steven Erikson's Dust of Dreams (Canada, USA, Europe)

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic quote! My formal education was a degree in history, and I don't think I've heard the notion phrased better. The intrinsic arrogance of consecutive, generational iterations of humans executing the various societal roles can never be overstated.

Chris V said...

Yeah I was totally about to say exactly what peterwilliam said. Well ok not exactly ;) Great quote though, the little things and dialogue's erikson adds to his books are fantastic imo.

Unknown said...