If you want a taste of Jeff Somers. . .

Jeff Somers, author of The Electric Church ( Canada, USA, Europe), The Digital Plague (Canada, USA, Europe), and The Eternal Prison (Canada, USA, Europe), has just posted two free-to-read short stories on http://www.eternalprison.com/.

So if you want to get a taste of Avery Cates and his dystopian universe, head on out to Somers' website to sample "This Was Education" and "Oldest Bastard on the Block." By perusing these two short stories and the recent excerpt I posted, you should be able to tell if Jeff Somers' fiction is your cup of tea.

I know it's mine!;-)

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sbp said...

Funny I had always skipped over Somers. But the more Cates work of his I sample, the more I like it.