James Cameron's AVATAR teaser trailer

Holy crap, it looks as though Cameron is back, kicking some serious ass!

It's been years since a trailer has left me wanting more like this! Roll on December!:-)

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Unknown said...

It has me quite excited. I've seen people bitching about the look of the Avatars, but I like it's a modern sci-fi/action flick that isn't going to be washed out with grays and earth tones. Colorful and targeted to adults? *gasp* Only Jackson and del Toro are allowed to do that!

Allan said...


Adam Whitehead said...

So far, looks like Pocahontas meets Halo. I think Cameron may have Molyneuxed this film by bigging it up to such a ridiculous extent that it being nothing short of the Second Coming will allow it to meet the excitement. Cameron's last two movies were also mediocre (if vaguely entertaining) and he's been away from the director's chair for a decade, all of which should at least temper excitment for the movie. It also looks heavy on the romance, something Cameron has consistently demonstrated he cannot write or direct with any kind of subtlety.

That said, if you can divorce the hype from the film itself, it should be at least watchable and visually impressive.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm afraid it looks a bit too cartoony and artificial for my taste. I'm really fed up with CGI. In terms of narrative, I think i'll kick all kinds of ass. And I'll definitely go see it several times. But what was all this talk about about photo-realistic aliens and stuff? I'm gonna root for the humans in this one.

Unknown said...

Someone at IGN said it looked like the world's best videogame, but not that impressive for cinema.
I couldn't agree more.

Exer said...

I have to agree with Juhan. I expected great things -- probably my first mistake -- but this trailer didn't live up to what I hoped it would be.

CGI can be a wonderful thing when used in the right way, such as with District 9. Everything in that movie just looked amazing and 'clicked' for me. I sat through the entire movie thinking, 'this could all be real...'. Whereas 30 seconds of this simply reminded me of a live-action World of Warcraft or something (if WoW had Marines).

Just not what I expected. Having said that, I'll probably still pay to watch it in theaters, yanno, just because.

philosopher said...

The trailers is ok, but the real deal is the 3-D technology used in the movie, and that can only be experienced in the cinema, so cool it down guys, cause I think the miracle that is Avatar can only be witnessed the day it hits the big screen.

Shannon said...

I'm going to watch this as special effects porn. Hopefully it will feature more story and less horrendous pop-rock music than Transformers. This thing won't replace Star Wars or anything... well maybe the first two prequels, if it's decent.

Anonymous said...

disappointment, ahoy!

Wilfred Berkhof said...

I've never seen the series that Avatar is based on but I did get to go to one of the extended early screenings of this movie last Friday. We got to see 5-6 long scenes (20 minutes worth of film). With the coolest one being the where Jack got chased by the creature through the woods. That looks very cool indeed.

I do however feel that as far as storyline goes this will be a major disappointment, it's just a special effects fest in which I didn't see anything all that special to be honest.

So it's probably not a bad movie, but from the hype I read beforehand it will most likely disappoint.

BTW I don't really see why this is a 3D movie? Didn't feel that the 3D part really added anything to the movie. Is it all just the new gimmick to use or will we actually start to see real reasons why we have to wear those glasses? :D

Jebus said...

Wilfred - Avatar is a wholly new concept from Cameron, it is not based on any books or anything else previous to the film.

If the story line sucks then no amount of technical wizardry can make it a "great" film in any sane person's book.

I'm more excited about the new 3D technology that Cameron has developed for this film than just the CG element to it. Apparently it isn't the same kind of 3D you're seeing at IMAX or in the newer CG animated films these days. This is supposed to be the next evolution in 3D and unless you see it at a properly equipped cinema then I don't think the full effect Cameron is going for will be experienced.

Fingers crossed I get to see it in all its supposed "glory" in December at a properly kitted out cinema. That being said, if the story is shit then I'll be disappointed.

Cameron made one of my all time fave films with "The Abyss" and his other films really haven't been all that bad (including Titanic, it is a very watchable film) so here's hoping.

Jim Shannon said...

I remember "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" a few years back. I hope this isn't anything like that.

Cecrow said...

You guys have said it all. The visual impression here doesn't blow away Transformers, etc. There's not enough revealed about story to judge that side of it. A landmark in movie technology is the best buzz I've heard so far. Final Fantasy was a technical landmark and I remain a fan of that one in a 'cult movie' sort of way, so maybe Avatar will grab me the same way. But unless it's "you gotta see it to believe it", he won't top Titanic with this one.

Unknown said...

This Avatar movie is not based on cartoon series Avatar the Last Airbender. I agree with everybody else this looks stupid. I hate movies that go overboard on CGI.

M. Nigh Shamalyn is doing the movie for the actual Avatar cartoon series and it looks great. Trailer can be found here http://www.thelastairbendermovie.com/

Anonymous said...

James Cameron Avatar sucks. Period.

At least, from the footage that has been shown, it looks like crap.

There is nothing new anywhere. It's CGI animation, which has been done before.

As an animated movie, it may be ok for kids or whatever, but the whole concept of blue elfs running around chased by dinasours and boy-meets-alien girl are so ... childish?

Anyway, at least it was free. And the 3D is the same 3D that has been around forever. That is, they charge for glasses only to give you a headache and a blurry image. In return, you get poked in the eye with some protruding stuff from the screen every now and then.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was underwhelming.

The freakin' hopping lamp made by Pixar 20 years ago looks better.

Halo plus a spoon-fed morality story. Pass.