The results are in. . .

Hey folks,

The results from our latest survey are as follows:

- Dreamsongs, Volume 2 by George R. R. Martin (Canada, USA, Europe): 21%
- The Twilight Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko (Canada, USA, Europe): 10%
- Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami (Canada, USA, Europe): 18%
- Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman (Canada, USA, Europe): 14%
- A Cruel Wind by Glen Cook (Canada, USA, Europe): 35%

So it looks as though I'll be getting a taste of the Dread Empire in a not so distant future.:-)

I've just finished Ken Scholes' Lamentation (Canada, USA, Europe), and I'm now reading a recent poll winner, Iain M. Banks' Consider Phlebas (Canada, USA, Europe).

Stay tuned for more. . .

4 commentaires:

Marc said...

Hi Patrick, I guess you will be reading A Cruel Wind soon. That omnibus doesn't have any maps, but the original three separate books do have two sets of maps. Have you seen these? If not, I could scan them for you, as they really make following the story easier. Let me know if this will help, I hope you enjoy A Cruel Wind!

cedunkley said...

Pat, are you planning on doing a review of Lamentation?

psim said...

I hope you'll give Murakami a try one day, even if he never wins these votes.

(Although Kafka on the Shore would not be my first choice, it's a good book. A Wild Sheep Chase, Dance Dance Dance and Norwegian Wood are my favourites. Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World is also great.)

Yes, I like Murakami :P

Patrick said...

Marc: Yes, the maps would be great! Just send them via the contest email address. Cheers!

Cedunkley: Sure, later today or tomorrow.

Psim: I did read AFTER DARK by Murakami. . .