Steven Erikson contest winners!

Only a few more days to go till you can all get your hands on this latest Malazan installment!

Yet thanks to the kind folks at Transworld, our winners might get the chance to sink their teeth into it before the rest of you! Each will receive a complimentary copy of Steven Erikson's Dust of Dreams. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.

The winners are:

- Robert Uden, from Eggbuckland, Plymouth, England (Illuyankas on

- Martin Savage, from St-Hubert, Québec, Canada

- Sean Crummy, from Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland (Wry on

- Chad Harland, from Hamilton, New Zealand

- Dane Wells, from Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia. (Mappo's Travelling Sack on

Thanks to all the participants!;-)

16 commentaires:

danewells said...

YEEEEEESSSSS!! Thank you Pat, you're the greatest! I will sing your praises until the next contest ;)

Illuyankas said...


Unknown said...

Of all the book I could have won, this is my wetdream of 2009, so to speak.

Muchos gracias to Pat. Keep up the great work.

bloggeratf said...



The Grudge said...


Why do some guys have the luck? Care to give any tips?

Pat, when will you conduct a Dust of Dreams contest again?

Anonymous said...


Why do some guys have the luck? Care to give any tips?"

Don't quote Rod Stewart lyrics? Lol.

HD on

Patrick said...

I figure I'll have another giveaway for the US edition next winter. . .

Chris V said...

I'll make sure to try again for the US edition then ;)

Unknown said...

Awesome! Thanks Pat, I've been greatly looking forward to this book being released!

The only thing better to win would have been an ARC of "The Gathering Storm" should you ever get one and stick it up!

Any way thanks and thanks to Transworld.

Unknown said...

Is this my punishment for not believing in God? Curses. Well, I'll have to try for the US edition.

Ed S. said...

"Is this my punishment for not believing in God?"

Don't feel bad. God wanted one of these copies too and he didn't get one either.

Myshkin said...

If you guys want it so badly why don't you just buy it instead of waiting several months for a giveaway you probably wont win?

Anonymous said...

^Don't be a party pooper.
Of course we'll buy the book as soon as it becomes available, we're just having fun. ^^

Unknown said...

Seriously, let us have a bit of fun.

Maarten (Italy) said...


don't you have other books of Erikson to giveaway.
I've only read Gardens of the Moon. Was great.
Please do another contest.


ShadowofGod said...