German cover art for Tad Williams' THE DRAGONBONE CHAIR and STONE OF FAREWELL

While we are all waiting impatiently for Shadowrise (Canada, USA, Europe), which, according to his editors, is Tad Williams' best work in years, here are the German covers for the new edition of The Dragonbone Chair and Stone of Farewell.

Thanks to Olaf for sending me the links to these.=)

4 commentaires:

Nobody said...

that series is one of my favorites EVER... the German cover is beautiful.

Marc said...

Those are nice pictures, other than that Simon looks nothing like the mental image I got from those books, which matched pretty well with Whelan's US cover art.

Anonymous said...

Wow, both covers are fantastic. I'm jealous.

ediFanoB said...

I must admit that I really like these covers. I read the German edition more than ten years ago. It is one of my favorite series.
Compare the covers with the former paperback covers by using following links:
Cover Der Drachenbeinthron (The Dragonbone Chair
Cover Der Abschiedsstein (Stone of Farewell)

Next year I want to reread the series in English.