NFL SHOWDOWN: GRRM vs Pat (Week 14)

San Diego Chargers: 20
Dallas Cowboys: 17

Philadelphia Eagles: 45
New York Giants: 38

Things are not going well for the Cowboys. And we're playing the undefeated Saints next week. Fuck. . .

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Neth said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - you've cursed the Cowboys.

Your insistence to keep betting GRRM has created a curse that cannot be lifted until you stop making this bet.

For the sake of all Cowboy fans, please don't make this bet again.

Anonymous said...

I hate being a naysayer, but in the same vein as Ken, its going down for the 'Boys, Pat. They're going into their December dive and, in all probability, going to start a head coach search before long. In case you've not seen it yet, then you saw it here first - Mike Shanahan, next head coach in Dallas.

Cory said...

Dallas' schedule is just cruel. And if you thin kthat Washington game is going to be easy, think again.

Good luck. Cuz i hate the fucking giants

Unknown said...

As a Cowboy fan I hate all this talk of a December swoon. Their schedule is just really rough this year. If you watch the games, they are playing decent. I think it will come down to the Cowboys or Giants getting in the playoffs this year. I just don't see GB fading. Dallas needs two wins imo. Washington plus one.

Marc said...

The December swoon is real whether we want to believe in it or not. Just like how Manning used to be branded as unable to win in the big game. And, like him, nothings going to change until the Boys prove otherwise.

This past weeks have been brutal viewing. Somehow you just feel the collapse coming. You're probably right about a new coach too, I never was overly fond of Wade Phillips and his winless playoff record.

Anonymous said...

Pat you selfish bastard! Stop this bet! For at least a year, just to see what happens.