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Robert Stanek strikes back on his blog:

Addendum: Several readers have told me about discussions of my books on Pat’s list, wert, and best f books. Generally, there’s no point in responding to such nonsense, and I never have. There’s not much point. I will say this, however. The people at the sites are likely the same ones who thought it was funny to stalk and harass readers of my books who voiced opinions online. They knew most of my readers are children, and also knew most of the readers they stalked and harassed online were children. They did not care. They did it because they think they can do or say anything online without repercussions. Well, someone someday will give them what they deserve, I'm certain. In prison, people like them usually get shanked.

Hmmm, getting shanked in jail because I exposed a fraud like Robert Stanek???

It's a crazy world we live in, let me tell you!

Congrats to Wert for making it to the Stanek's Most Wanted List! But who the hell are best f books?

Being nominated for a Hugo Award by George R. R. Martin two years in a row was sweet, no question. But raising the ire of both Terry Goodkind and Robert Stanek sure warms my heart!

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Cecrow said...

It was nice of him to state it on his own blog and not come here to tell us all about it. Quite the gentleman.

NoMoreIdleYouth said...

"Generally, there’s no point in responding to such nonsense, and I never have."


What a friggin' douche. Seriously, I've taken time to read his blog and if it weren't for silly posts like this one where he's clearly having a temper tantrum about something as silly as someone's dislike for him... Well, he might seem credible. Too bad the guy's three crayons short of a full box.

RobB said...

OOH OOH, where did Tairy call you out?

The Fantasizer said...

Best f books is "Best fantasy books" its a great blog, this guy Stanek's a real turd...hahahahahahaha

Valashain said...

You are truly blessed with fans such as these Pat ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing with the rest of you folks, no question, but I'm beginning to feel that the joke is nearly done. Getting sick of reading the guys name.

Surely there are better things to discus than this douche? If you ignore him, he'll eventual go away.

Dream Girlzzz said...

Stalking and harassing children??? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

Unknown said...

So, wait, let me get this straight. He's upset because someone exposed him for photoshopping himself into a photo with Brian Jacques and for others legitimately criticizing him for being a lying scumbag? I mean...I guess I would be upset too, but I also am not stupid enough to fake tours with people...

Has anyone asked Brian Jacques about this?

tom dunne said...

The Stanek-Jacques photograph wasn't a fake, just a weird angle with his legs under the table.

I love Pat's site, but this juvenile blog wars stuff... schadenfreude is ugly, and I'd rather not see it.

The Mad Hatter said...

I think you're giving this guy too much publicity. He's been outted and there is no reason to get his name out there more even if it is at his expense. Sure what he has done is stupid, but everytime you mention him he is getting what he wants.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Three years ago, Stanek accused others of harassing his child fans (and sending death threats) through his alts on his fake message board and other sites:

He even went as far to post the address and phone number of one of these supposed “child harassers” on that board, an Amazon discussion and another site, because of this 2003 blog post:

Just like the fake legal threats sent via Hotmail from “lawyers”, this is an attempt not only to scare people away from writing further about Stanek’s fraud -- but also to remove the criticism already written. This must be working to an extent, since Stephen Leigh’s posts about Stanek (which is mentioned in this surviving copy of the Stanek Wikipedia article http://en.allexperts.com/e/r/ro/robert_stanek.htm) have long been removed from the internet.

Simeon said...

Stanek won't quit. He never does. He has no life, and nothing better to do. So I suggest you leave the guy alone, because he CAN harm you if he tries hard enough. And even if he doesn't, he's just not worth the trouble.

machinery said...

this is ridiculous !!
I once again ask, why this whole ruccus ?
children's books !!
for young kids !
why do you even care about him ?
and terry goodkind, while I have alot of bad words about his writing, is not worst then the over whelming majority of the sci-fi writers (as far as personality goes).
I am from israel, larry niven came here as an honored guest in some sci-fi conference and was interviewed by a late night culture show in israeli tv.
you should have seen how the guy was ... I don't know , I guess the word is humble !!
humble !
I very much doubt that he would have acted the way robert jordan or g.r.r.martin has over the years.
so stanek, while I can't say I admire him, I just don't get the whole mess, wtf do you care about kids books ?
btw, niven was asked if he is upset that most sci-fi writers "steal" ideas from other authors, and he said no way, every one gets ideas from everyone else.

so take it easy pat, seriously, this stanek issue is a joke.

Shawn C. Speakman said...

Post a review instead of this shyte! haha

Anonymous said...

Then he would have to have read it.

Anonymous said...

Considering that Robert Stanek is widely suspect of “going after” authors such as David Langford, Stepehn Leigh, David Edelman, Jim C. Hines, Joe Abercrombie and Patrick Rothfuss – this puts you in pretty good company.

Chris said...

"They did it because they think they can do or say anything online without repercussions."

Is there some sort of mental pepto? I've consumed too much irony.

*brain-belch* Oof.

Anonymous said...

Nothing for nothing, but that last sentence clearly constitutes a verbal threat. If it were me, I'd hit this fucktard with a REAL lawyer or, at the very least, appraise the police of the threat and see what recourse they may provide.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat!Thanks for taking the effort to go after this fraud Stanek. While it is certainly not a crime to write a bad book, Stanek's way of luring people into buying the garbage this nutcase produced can't be called nothing else but 'criminal'. As Stanek also messed up Amazon's rating system by flooding it with fake reviews (and probably by also successfully pestering them to delete negative reviews about his scribbling') I regard it as highly laudable and also courageous that you decided to take a stand against this psycho, establishing with your blog a place where people can find out more about fraudster Stanek.
Thanks also to xandox for posting here further valuable information on what kind of character Stanek is, which will hopefully warn people to not buy any of Stanek's products!

Aaron said...

I find it funny that he tells us that most of his readers are children and then goes on to speak of some people deserving and receiving a shanking in prison. That is truly educational material for today's youth.

Anonymous said...

Hah, great.

We'll need to push you into reading one of his books, sometime. ;)

Jebus said...

You guys are giving this guy so much publicity that I want to buy a couple of his books just to see what all the fuss is about.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother -- they are not even bad-in-the-funny sense. I read one of his books and it was just very dull and poorly written. Like a high schooler's half hearted creative writing project.

And you get a complete page by page summeary of one of his books here:

Stanek's fake reviews and the lies in his blog are much more interesting than his actual books.

Steve MC said...

Wow. I actually made his blog:

The newest lies include one that says I somehow tried to make it look like I was touring with Brian by adding my book to the picture.

That’s me! I’m the guy who said the photo was real – that he was actually there with Jacques, as a fan – but that he grayed out his legs and cleared off the table in front of him to make it look like he was doing a signing with Jacques.

I give him balls for posting the original photo with the others, but it’s kind of stupid, ‘cause you can plainly see that the silver pin of the table support in front of his knees has miraculously disappeared. Proving he grayed over the area under the table.

And again, why? Why screw with that? To hide he was, in his own words, “squatting down next to Brian” instead of sitting by him as a fellow author.

It is true that you can't tell whose book that is in front of him, but it sure the hell ain’t one on Photoshop.

Unknown said...

Lol, this really made my day alone at work just fly by. His blog, the links and the in particular the blog with the summary of his book really made me laugh out loud :) Thanks to you all.