New Tad Williams and Naomi Novik cover art

The first one is the UK cover art for Tad Williams' Shadowrise (Canada, USA, Europe), while the other is for Naomi Novik's forthcoming Tongues of Serpents (Canada, USA, Europe).

Ah, two of the most eagerly anticipated SFF titles of the year! In this house, anyway!;-)

3 commentaires:

Jens said...

Haha, my first thought was "What??? Didn't know these one had written a book together!"

Stephen said...

For some reason I am not enjoying Tads new series. Dont get me wtong, i have much respect for the guy, especially after the Otherlands series. But this one didnt grab me

Adam Whitehead said...

Is the second one still going to be called 'Shadowheart'? And is there anything we can do to stop them? Sounds like a bad romance book :-)