Transworld contest winner!

Our winner will receive a very nice bundle of books from the folks at Transworld! The prize pack includes:

- Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Gardens of the Moon special anniversary edition by Steven Erikson (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Raven Blood Eye by Giles Kristian
- Fallen by Lauren Kate
- Twelve by Jasper Kent (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Dragonheart by Todd McCaffrey
- The Third God by Ricardo Pinto (Canada, USA, Europe)
- The Other Lands by David Anthony Durham (Canada, USA, Europe)
- The Keeper by Natasha Mostert
- Return of the Crimson Guard by Ian Cameron Esslemont (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Bryant & May on the Loose by Christopher Fowler
- Divine Misdemeanors by Laurell K. Hamilton

The winner is:

- Zoltan Gecse, from Budapest, Hungary

Many thanks to all the participants!=)

6 commentaires:

RaveAir said...

Wow! I can't believe it!

CJohnson said...
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CJohnson said...

Damn, that's an awesome bunch of books. The cover on that copy of Gardens of the Moon looks freaking awesome.

Return of the Crimson Guard is a pretty good book, too. It meshes nicely with Erikson's works, like where Iron Bars goes after his brief appearance in Midnight Tides.

Anonymous said...

Man, when I saw 'Hungary' I became really excited, but darn! At least now I know that you can win from Hungary as well. Congrats Zoli!

Anonymous said...

So jealous....

RaveAir said...

You can't imagine the suprise I saw when I read my name. It was a very big surprise.

So you don't angry with me, and never give up the hope. Maybe next time you'll be the winner.