Tor Books contest winner!

Well, all the Holiday giveaways were popular, but none more so than the contest for this bundle of books offered by the nice folks at Tor Books! The prize pack includes:

- Signed copy of Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Signed copy of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn: The Final Empire (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson's The Gathering Storm (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Three The Wheel of Time comics (Dabel Brothers)
- Steven Erikson's Gardens of the Moon (Canada, USA, Europe)
- ARC of Steven Erikson's Dust of Dreams (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Richard Matheson's The Box (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Cherie Priest's Boneshaker (Canada, USA, Europe)
- R. Scott Bakker's Neuropath (Canada, USA, Europe)
- R.A. Salvatore's The Ancient (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Glen Cook's Chronicles of Black Company (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Glen Cook's The Return of Black Company (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Glen Cook's The Books of the South (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Charles de Lint's Muse and Reverie (Canada, USA, Europe)
- John Brown's Servant of a Dark God (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Ian Cameron Esslemont's Night of Knives (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Kate Elliott's Spirit Gate (Canada, USA, Europe) and Shadow Gate (Canada, USA, Europe)
- Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's Bones of the Dragon (Canada, USA, Europe)
- L. E. Modesitt, jr.'s Imager (Canada, USA, Europe)
- L. E. Modesitt, jr.'s Imager's Challenge (Canada, USA, Europe)

The winner is:

- Steve Wynne, from Northfield, New Jersey, USA (Ser Paladin on

Many thanks to all the participants!;-)

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Unknown said...

Dear Pat,

My name is Jarrod and I live in South Africa and am a big fan of your blog. Please excuse me if I don't say things so well, this is my first time writing like this. I also am not sure how to get my message to you except to write in a comment, so I hope it's ok. I just wanted to ask a question. I was wondering what the odds are for foreign readers of your blog to stand a chance at wining one of the many competitions you hold? I totally understand that the gross majority of your readers are from the US and Canada, and so percentage wise I understand that the odds in favor of a US reader winning are far higher than a reader living over seas. I just wanted to ask whether there are any geographical considerations that come into play when selecting a winner - I mean up and above the fact that there are more US entrants than Internationals? for example, whether some/all of the prizes may not be shipped outside of the US for certain reasons? Or if the extra cost of shipping out of the US to an overseas country is a big detractor? To be honest, as a reader and big fan of the fantasyhotlist, living outside of the US, I think I speak for many overseas readers when I say that I would be so glad to win one of the amazing books up for grabs that I wouldn't think twice to pay the shipping cost myself. That is of course if the extra shipping cost incurred as a result of shipping outside of the US is even a consideration for you!:) If not, and the main reason behind the majority of winners being from US and Canada is simply because the majority of those entering are from the US and Canada and therefore stand a higher chance of being from there, then my question is answered and I'm stoked:) I guess we international entrants will totally just keep trying!
Either way I just want to say thanks for an amazing blog! It really has been a revelation! Especially when it feels like I'm the only person reading sff where I live:)
Also please forgive me if it sounds at all like I'm complaining about there being only a few international winners. My intention in asking is really just to understand how the process works:) Thanks again

Peace to you and on your work,

Anonymous said...

You can greatly increase your odds of winning by joining one of the fan communities out there (Westeros, Malazan, etc.) According to my (somewhat studied) analysis of past giveaways on this blog, over 70% of winners participate in a message board. It hints at selection favoritism, but I guess it's possible that 70% of Pat's traffic are members of one (or more) of these communities...

Nate said...


Anonymous in Tokyo said...

I have found it odd that almost all other giveaways outside the Hotlist almost always list geo restrictions. If there are such restrictions please make them clear to all.

Patrick said...

Christ, not another giveaway conspiracy theory... They occur at least once a year...

Here's my latest Project Wonderful report:

Top Regions Visiting Pat's Fantasy Hotlist: Past Week

10762: United States
2104: Canada
1866: United Kingdom
1116: Germany
648: Sweden
554: Australia
404: France
350: Netherlands
284: Ireland
252: New Zealand

As you can see, the USA and Canada make up about 60% of my readership. It's just a question of odds, guys.

Interestingly enough, we've had winners from South Africa and Japan in the past. And from basically ever single country in Western Europe and most Eastern European countries. Winners from Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Russia, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, and every other place in between.

You simply have to be lucky, that's all...

The Amazing Buttcrack said...

You know, I never won any of these giveaways. Clearly, there's no doubt in my mind that these things are rigged.

Come on guys, for fuck's sake...

Unknown said...

Sorry Pat, I really wasn't looking to start another giveaway conspiracy theory! As I said in my first post, I totally understand that the majority of your readers, and by association, entrants, are from the US and Canada and so statistically the odds are in favor of a winner being from there. My intention behind my first comment was really to ask if there were any geographical considerations - which you have said there aren't, which is awesome! Thanks for answering my question. Clearly you have had this asked before and clearly I stupidly missed that thread. Sorry to cause you any extra headache:)
Any way, thanks again for the hotlist, your work is greatly appreciated!
Peace to you,

Maarten B said...

Hello Pat,

didn't belief much in participating on contests; untill I won some books. Just keep tying. I'm Dutch but live in Italy (the books did arrive).


Jebus said...

I'm currently reading Daniel Abraham's first two Long Price novels which I won from here over a year ago. I'm in the land of Oz (where we murder Indians willy nilly).

Also, Pat uses Luck Dragons to send his parcels and we all know they can go anywhere.

anonymous in tokyo said...

no conspiracy intended. just curious why only Pat's giveaways never have geo restrictions. Anonymous, buttcrack you grow the F up and stop being so over reactive.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm shocked. Very happy to have won. I'm not a habitual enterer of these contests, I think this might be my third or fourth ever. I have to say, an ARC of a Malazan book, a pair of signed books, and another 6 books on my "read soon" list... I'm pretty pleased. I just got Neuropath for Christmas (it was on my Amazon wishlist), but I will pay it forward and use the copy from the contest to get someone hooked on Bakker.

Thanks Pat, and thanks Tor.