NFL SHOWDOWN: GRRM vs Pat (Week 17)

New York Giants: 7
Minnesota Vikings: 44

Philadelphia Eagles: 0
Dallas Cowboys: 24

Oh man, a shutout of one of the NFL's most explosive offenses! Dallas takes the NFC East division, and will host the Eagles once again next week. Who would have thought? How 'bout them Cowboys!?!=)

As for the Giants, I know I won my wager with GRRM last week when they lost to the Panthers. But whatever happened to what used to be the best defense in the league??? They got their asses kicked two weeks in a row. At least the Jets made it, so George will be happy about that.

The playoffs are around the corner!

2 commentaires:

The Guru of EVERYTHING said...

Maybe GRRM should send the entire Giants team to the wall.

Patrick said...

Well, I figure that a few familiar faces from the Cowboys might be getting butchered alongside me.=)

But given how poorly the G-Men have played of late, you never know!